Lorewalker Cho and Lorewalker quests

Today I flew around and got all the lorewalker and explorer achievements (at least I think so. There are no more achievements for me to get under the explorer section.) I did the initial quest where I had to clean the bookshelf out but no more quests are showing up. I have waited about 30 minutes and logged off multiple times. I am about 10k/12k for honored... any chance I need to somehow get to revered? I am not sure where to get more rep.

Thanks in advance,
Check your mail, you should have scrolls from cho. They are quests that you turn into him
I did all of the storylines and turned in the 8 scrolls I received in the mail. I am 24 rep points short of exalted. Did anyone else have this problem and is there a way to get the additional 24 points? I was honored after completing all of the storylines and forgot about buying the 100% rep bonus item when I reached revered.

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