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how often do the sandstorms in tanaris happen??? and also the rain on jaeguro island??? trying to catch those lil rare buggers... but can never get there at the right time...
there was a massive storm in Pandaria that took up at least three zones the other day....imagine that!
I see sandstorms in Tanaris pretty frequently these days, at least 2/5 times I go there.
I'm looking for the bugs too... Are the storms like finding rare hunter pets? Like every 8 hours or so? Or are they hourly, every few hours..... Anyone know, or have an opinion? :) Thanks
It rained on Jagueros Island at 1:00 pm PST yesterday for about 10 min...went back at 1:00 am PST this morning and it was raining again, but this time it rained for about 30 min and I was able to find a rare baby ape. Watching for patterns in Tanaris...will post if I notice anything
I got lucky looking for the sandstorm bugs first one I saw was a rare once I finished the battle the storm was gone.
I've had an alt logged out on the island for the monkeys I log into every chance I remember, but yet to have seen a monkey yet.

The weather is just random and only lasts so much time.
the sound of the rain iin Zhu's Watch when you finish that up it actually sounds cleansing. It's so well done you can actually smell it.
I've yet to see a sandstorm, and I've been looking quite a bit. I've still not seen snow where I need it either.

I'm glad I finally got my restless shadeling, as though it's based on a certain time, CRZ kept foiling my plans!
Got the ape.
Saw sand blowing in Tanaris, no bugs ever though. :(
ive been camped on Jagueros Island all day.

about five hours ago was this level 90 on the beach hanging out.

Just checked and the lvl 90 is still there lol. No rain.

Does anyone know how often it rains a day??

Once a day?

Several times?
Im guessing it cant rain that often, this beach is one of the most popular beaches in Azeroth!
I just checked around and there are nine lvl 90 characters camped on the beach.

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