Monks are so poorly designed

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i feel overpowered at times, maybe you need to look at it as a NEW class and not try to apply what works with other classes you have played.
RAFed to 80. Went WW from 80 to 85. Tanked/DPSed my way up to 90. Have only went WW two or three times since then, but it wasn't bad as limited as my experience was with it. The button-presses-to-DPS ratio feels good to me, I liked it.

Brewmaster tanking is amazing now that I've wrapped my head around the shuffle window and got a feel for what kind of Chi I can come up with in few seconds down the road. I'm anxious to see how I do up with our warrior tank when we start raiding (DPS are slow to level, hehe.)

On my DK, I dreaded logging onto him knowing all I have are dungeons before me. On my monk, I can't wait to log in and get my face into something, drunken and dazed. Dizzying Haze, Clash, Keg Smash, Leg Sweep, get some Tiger Palm going, BoK before LS wears off, and then just... o_o Where has this class been all my life? These moves are just so crazy.

Don't even get me start on Transcendence... /swoon (Riftstalkering for a few months really helped me find interesting ways to use this ability.)

Just my two cents.
I like how page 1 of this thread is grumbling hatred, and then I click page 5 and it's a civilized, positive discussion.
Was thinking the same thing when I posted, haha.
I think one of the biggest problems with monk is that utility is really lacking.
Two huge changes that could probably make a big difference are:

1. Tiger's Lust should at the very least give immunity to snares. It's a talent specced dispel and 70% movement speed buff, but you can still be rooted/snared in it.

I'd actually love for the spell to be identical to freedom with an increased chi cost. If this were to happen, it should probably become a baseline spell with the talent making the chi costs to cast it free.

2. Paralysis should probably be 20 yard range, with the talent removing the requirement to hit from behind for double duration.

Only other real problem I see with monks is that CC breaks FSK and probably the weird flight path chi wave will take if the target is too far from you.

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