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It seems a lot of folks are getting crashes in varying degrees with the following message.

Display driver stopped responding and has recovered.

Most times, getting this error will result in a recovered desktop but will still require a reboot. Other times, your machine will require a hard reset.

I've been doing a considerable amount of testing with my own machine, which is an i7 based system running GTX580 SLI. Some of the fixes I've seen posted I was unwilling to accept, such as using DX9. Others didn't appear to be related to this particular issue, so I figured it couldn't hurt to provide another perspective on the problem.

Download either MSI Afterburner or eVGA Precision X. If you're running an SLI configuration like me, you may want to setup a fan profile to help with cooling. The default settings were causing my temperatures to hit the mid 90's, which is higher than I'm comfortable with. Even at these temperatures I did not experience any tearing or visual abnormalities. I did, however, still crash to the desktop after the new fan profile had been applied and my temperatures never exceeded 65. So while my crashes were not heat related, it's possible yours are.

I also noticed that the voltage of my GPUs dipped very, very slightly at the time of the crash. I believe this has been the source of my problems. I increased the voltage slightly to 1.025, which is still safe and only one notch above the stock voltage. Since doing that, I have not experienced a single crash.

Like many others, this instability was not present anywhere else but World of Warcraft.

Hope this helps!
Thanks for this! I am running a single eVGA GTX580 under driver version 304.79. Trying out eVGA Precision X now. I haven't experienced any crashes since increasing the voltage to 1.026.

Hopefully others can benefit from this as well.
I'm going to give this a shot, I also run a GTX 580 and constantly get display driver crashes.
Thanks for the information. Unfortunately, I downloaded MSI Afterburner and went to go bump up the voltage and found it already to be at 1.025...I am not sure if the last set of display drivers for the 306.97 update did this or not...but still having issues. :( Stupid card. lol
I'm running a gtx 690 and have the latest driver 306.97; still crashing, but my crashes are now black screen and require hard boot. last driver was 304.48 and would crash but go back to desk top. It is not our cards, it is Blizzard. They have software issues and have not resolved them yet. For me, If the issue is not resoved, or at least an aknowledegment of the problems made, I am going to cancel out of WoW. no use in paying money for somthing that doesnot work. Any other program or game that i play works flawlessly.

I encountered this same issue and after following all of Blizzards instructions the only thing that worked for me is to remove all Nvidia drivers using the tools they linked into their response.

(scroll to bottom)

I then used Windows Nvidia drivers and my issues went away.

If i used Nvidia's drivers from their website the issue reoccurred.

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