Anyone think monks are slightly OP?

there is always that one person who drops in and says something like "we're doing great I've been number one in heroics"

I've got agree with that statement. In Catalysm when I toped the meters as my Warlock I knew it was because the Mage, Hunter, etc was screwing around and I was killing myself. That's not to say Warlocks were bad in PvE but short of the god players the rest of us plebs were middling at best.
Monks are complete trashijn 90 pvp bgs
Anyone think monks are slightly OP?

this class is a joke from my experience with it in pvp. which consist of random pug bgs. i really don't see how people can even say it's remotely fun or enjoyable. i'm having a good time with it in pve though. more power to people who enjoy it, though.

10/02/2012 12:51 AMPosted by Zoomboom
Monks are complete trashijn 90 pvp bgs

there is a reason why you never see monks in 90 bgs. having more fun on my elem shaman thats for sure.
Firstly. I'm taking the effort to downvote your post, OP.

09/30/2012 04:01 PMPosted by Tsubudai
I will report my findings on the Brewmaster when I've had a chance to run that through when I finish levelling this toon.

You didn't even hit max level before posting your list of WW monk abilities with little to no accuracy.

First line of the list!

- base attack (Jab) that instantly replenishes between 75% - 100% of chi with no CD

No. No no no no no. WRONG. WRONG.

If in the event of you only having 4 chi, as a WW you may with one jab replenish 2 chi which is EXACTLY HALF. Not 75%, not 100% but 50%

If you pick ascension, you may fill 40% of your chi bar.

I would really appreciate it, personally, if you never posted a list like this again or a review without having the following:
- Peers review and agree 100%
- Some one over 18 give you the green flag to post it
- Some one competent in grammar and spelling, edit it prior to being submitted
- All the above by different people

It's posts like these that are potential poison on the class. If a developer were to read a post like yours and lord forbid they skim it and not notice your blaring mistakes. If such a developer were to take anything from your post and make an action because of it.

You will be apart of the problem. YOU ARE POISON.

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