Are BG's 50/50?

Is the win ratio 50/50 alliance/horde or does one side currently win more?

I'm talking random battlegrounds.

Horde always wins.
Horde always wins the coin toss up on whos going to lose the current match.

i lose significantly more when i play horde
The whole month before MoP Horde won 80% of the bg's. It was only when MoP hit that they started evening out again. Horde still wins more games.
I've won about 90% of my games as alliance. I think I'm on Bloodlust battlegroup.

Dat conquest grind.
Alliance win 75% of the time in Cyclone battlegroup, mostly from constant partial pre-made teams.

There is a huge advantage to communicate over vent with people you know rather than no communication among strangers.

Alliance is becoming known as the faction for PvP for the last 2 years, with this past season the worse for horde. I haven't seen it so bad on this battlegroup, Darkspear, had 90% of the top team ratings in all PvP ladders last season.

Currently winning 1 out of 10 games. PvP has become stupid.

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