[H]-<SL> (9/16)10m LF prot war or Brewmaster

1. History:

<Sedentary Lifestyle> is a brand new guild on Kil'Jaeden. Our core raiders have been playing together for 4 years. We've raided on a competitive level and wish to recruit for the same. We've raided with each other as well as with other guilds so we are no strangers to leadership roles and teamwork. We've successfully ran our own raiding guild in the past (broke up / died out due to scheduling conflicts) and are looking to rekindle on KJ.

As a new guild of reuniting players we wish to extend an opportunity to those who are either returning for MOP or who are looking to achieve a higher standard in their wow career. Our core raiders so far are a mixture of such a group and have raiding experience as far back as early BC.

2. What we offer:

First, we can promise that SL will be run as a mature guild. To state this plainly, we like to be productive to keep the community active, which has worked well for us in the past.

Second, we can offer raid accommodations such as flasks, food, vent, repairs, etc.

Lastly, SL can offer you more than just being competitive in current raid content. We like to expand into all aspects of the game, such as high level arena, rbgs, old raid content, achievements and much much more.

3. Expectations:

+ Raid times W/M 9PM-1AM Pacific, Sun 8PM-1130PM

+ mature players that want to contribute to the overall community of the guild

+ age 18+

+ flexibile - be willing to play a different spec of your class if we need you to (within the same role: heal/mdps/rdps)

+ prepared - come prepared to raids with general boss knowledge as well as class-specific knowledge

+ attendance - we expect 100% attendance (outside of emergencies ofc)

+ strong players - we've all ranked at some point in our raiding careers, when we hit MoP we expect all of our raiders to parse and be able to keep up with sim dps

+ dedication - we want players that want to become better raiders

4. What we need:

Prot Warrior

message me in-game or apply at
Hey, I'm very interested in your guild. I have both a blood DK and a Prot Warrior. I went with the Prot Warrior off the bat but would be willing to switch ovet to My DK and quickly LvL to 90! You raiding time are what I enjoy... 9pm - 01:00 that is perfect for me. I am going to switch to my DK and start leveling in hopes that you see this post response.

Little about me, I have been tanking and raiding since BC and I would love to be a part of a core group. My DK's name is Yamagusa, I hope to hear from you.

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