The queue

Whilst waiting in the queue I like to....
wrote 1500 words on an assignment today. wasn't bad
roam the forums, posting on anything I giggle at
Reading through the Adam Savage AMA on reddit.
Make new playlists on
Watchin' a film made within the open source 3D program, Blender, pretty impressive stuff.

Here's another one I found a few months ago which Gax put me on to, equally impressive work for open source:

Second link is a hell of a lot better, story actually has a climax and makes sense >.>
Watched some Dota 2 vods and cleaned the house.
complain about ques to friends who are in game :(
Go back to bed, because I woke up three hours early just to place myself in the queue
Failed Blizzard greedy for money.
I've found doing house chores work for me. Bedroom is might clean now!

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