Pets and pet battles.

Wyrmrest Accord
*Raises her paw*

Hello, my name is X-ray, and I have a problem.

I've not had this issue at all!

... Given, I haven't actually started yet.
I've not had this issue at all!

... Given, I haven't actually started yet.

Same...yet I want to so bad.
Gotta be honest. I'm kinda bored with it.
It's not so much the battles, as it is the ability to nab all the cute little critters if you can beat them.

Some I've gotten, and stuffed away as a companion. *Squeezes her cheetah cub*
you teach me and i'll teach you

(someone stop me i'm at 189 pets)
I havent started Pet Battling yet. I got to do a good share in the Beta. I'm looking forward to it, and everyone is getting ahead of me so I know I wont win any duels, but thats ok.

As I've been counselling my guildies; we're going to be rocking this expansion for two YEARS, so no sense in tearing through all the new stuff like a maniac in the first two weeks, and then complaining youre bored.

So after getting my Herbing and Alchemy up to 600 the first day (Hooray we has Heirloom Legs!!) I've been slowly working my way through Pandaria, exploring every part, doing every quest, and clicking on ALL the things! =)

I WILL get around to Pet Battles once I roll my Gnome Monk and begin his ascent to lvl 90. And you can be sure that I will collect a Rare pet of every type along the way. My wheels grind slow but fine.

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan!"
Someday soon, I'll start pet battling. After I get Pandaria loremaster (first time I've actually been interested in getting a lore master meta) and ding.

It's a cool feature but

Pandaria. 8|
Hello. My name is Tahgurah and I am addicted, mostly because it beats doing daily quests.
I've been into it probably more than most people because I don't have the expansion yet, so leveling this pandaren and doing pet battles are about the only things I can do until then. Like Forbs said, I'm not really in any rush to get things done though. I'm glad Blizzard put in all this stuff to do at max level that isn't daily grinding.
I can't let myself do it till I hit 90, get my rep factions and gear o_ o

otherwise I'll be pet battling foreeeeeveeeer
Pet battles is probably the least interesting thing in Mists in my opinion. It'll be the very last thing I dabble in, if I do at all.
That's all I've been doing lately, is pet battles and collecting.

10 more until my Feral Vermling. I accidentally skipped Northrend..and Outland completely and started on Cata pets, and got a few there, so I'll be headed back to get all those outta the way as well.

Halfway to the 1k battle achievement too!
My Mini-Thor, Winter Reindeer, and Spirit of Competition team has been wrecking !@#.
So far, using my onyxian whelp Dot, my dung beetle Bedbug, and Enchanted Bunny.
you teach me and i'll teach you

(someone stop me i'm at 189 pets)

I had to force myself to stop so that I could level.
I adore the battle pet system, it's so much fun.
10x more fun than running in circles in Stormwind City. :D

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