Excuse me sir, you dropped your balls...

We will have to teach them of the magnificence of our balls.
10/01/2012 10:23 PMPosted by Fieral
didnt yall read in the beta only the monk which is you can see them. there only for you

There are 3 monks specs. Each spec has balls. Each spec's balls are summoned in different ways, and some can be used by other players.

re: the problem (people not grabbing our bals) -

When I was a holy priest, I'd make a macro when I put down my Lightwell, yelling at the group to remember to use the Lightwell (for pugs). I also frequently urged my raiders to click the Lightwell over vent *during* the fight.

It'll be no different for me as a monk. I'll spam my macro every now and thrn through pug runs, and I'll verbaly berate my raid on vent to show my balls some love on raid nights :)
I have enough problem grabbing my own balls as a tank, they drop everywhere!

Hopefully though, once people start learning the value of grabbing our Mistweavers' balls, they'll go for them faster and more often.

It's a new thing, and they aren't used to it yet... But they will be.
Brewmaster monk have passive healing sphere creation from their attack that generate healing sphere nearby brewmaster monk

However brewmaster monk can also use healing sphere actively (normal healing sphere which mistweaver monk and windwalker monk can use this healing sphere too) which is really powerful as brewmaster monk are not healer but healing sphere cost energy meaning that they cannot use it every second to heal
10/02/2012 06:41 AMPosted by Daxhaanis
I have enough problem grabbing my own balls as a tank, they drop everywhere!

The price of being Draenei.
Yeah, now to be a good tank, you've gotta run back and forth grabbing your chiballs. It's stupid imo, sort of puts me in the mind of those platform games where you kill something and collect your life sphere.
Some balls are for spirituality
Some for health refresh
But when they're held for pleasure
They're the balls that I like best

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