Resto help.....

Has anything changed since cata? I tried running a shado pan monastery and was having a hard time with mana I was healing same way i did cata playing it smart using CDS etc. Any adviceo n how YOU heal right now?
Shadow Pan Monestary is by far the hardest of the Panda instances to heal in my experience. Some of the damage is WAY overtuned. Don't fret, run something else, see how it goes.
Ok thanks man i appreciate it
Everything's changed since Cata, but Shado-Pan can get stupid sometimes, especially the trash and Taran Zhu. Even my doing the heroic Shado-Pan in my current gear gets frustrating at times.
the first boss was a nightmare lol not to mention the group was taking tons of damage lll
I love how resto shamans totems are so beneficial to healing...

still wish SLT was 10% increased healing taken instead of 10% damage reduction
IMO majority of the dungeons are only an issue if party members aren't watching where they are standing. Debuffs and AOEs are nasty if they aren't paying attention.
If you started healing during late Cataclysm, you probably used Greater Healing Wave as your main spell. Your "filler" heal should be Healing Wave or Riptide, using the other 2 basic heals as the situation warrants it.
Only problem I've run into so far has been last boss in shadow pan, because people don't kill orbs (think I've got the right dungeon) and I get keep getting yanked mid heal.
There are a ton of tools in the toolbox. Between Healing stream, Healing Tide, Spirit Link, Talented Unleash Elements, Nature's Swiftness and Ascendance, resto has an ungodly amount of "Oh *&%&" buttons.

Most, if not all of the damage in these heroics is avoidable. So if you're having trouble keeping up, you might have to fight that undesireable/uphill battle of asking the dps to please not be dumb. They will tell you to !@#$ and heal more and you'll then head to a different thread in the forum to commiserate with other healers.

As far as tips go: I would stack spirit as much as possible until you get your casting dialed in.
Also, I've found that Capacitor Totem is really pretty useful. Drop it right on top of the big group your super macho tank just pulled and get 5 seconds of zero incoming damage while the dps continue paying no attention and pew pewing. No one will ever notice you doing this, nor will they care, but it actually helps a ton imo.

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