Illidan Horde?

its your fault you rolled alliance on illidan. if you have a problem gtfo
red = dead
So... there's not more than one branch of the military? And... just because I was on deployment then, means that I am on deployment now?

What else have you learned about the military from tv?

Military used to mean something in this country. Now its just a pay check and full of kids that have no pride , I spit on you all.
I don't know what military you are in but we have these 'kids' are dying everyday so you can go on forums and talk trash about them. Your credibility is should just keep your mouth shut. You are no better than that church group that protests military funerals.
Horde deserve to be crushed underfoot, and now that I've said my piece I'm going to continue standing on NPCs in halfhill while I have a wank eh?
TL;DR- QQing about pvp on a pvp server
Quick! Everyone meet at K3. Minecraft is hosting a safe environment where you can get your anger out.
10/27/2012 12:21 PMPosted by Moodymage
I don't bother Alliance here. I know they already have enough kids with little !@#$%^ ganking them as it is. If I wanted real pvp I would go to a real pvp server. On Illidan I can pretend i'm badass and play on a pvp server >.^

as far as i can tell since its x-realm everywhere it wont be real lopsided until questing in MOP. am i right?
roll horde if you dont like getting ganked on illidan lol
10/01/2012 08:15 PMPosted by Inorí
I had a few alliance try to gank me ( and fail ) while I was leveling, so from that point on I killed every Ally I saw :P
This. Blame Sageras if you want, I was a nice person before I started playing on Illidan, I believed ganking was wrong. Now I go out of my way if I see an alliance to go kill them.
i think this thread needs a REVIVE!
chaklam QQing is hilarious.
i think this thread needs a REVIVE!
chaklam QQing is hilarious.

I've learned to move on Peremptory but thanks for the bump.
if you are blood spec you don' exist.

I occupy halfhill normally if you want see One alliance person!
i dont attack hordes. so if u see me im friendly.
I killed seven Alliance today that were questing, then stole their quest mobs.


Was that before or after I took a !@#$ on your face about 6 times? Oh, and your warlock and rogue buddy, that helplessly tried to do something to me, not sure what.

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