Single target rotation hits other enemies?!

10/05/2012 08:55 AMPosted by Yzrath
Heaven forbid that you have to change up your rotation to fit the situation!

You mean drop half of your rotation to fit the situation? In the case of frost, not casting a bomb means no brain freeze procs, and therefor no frostfire bolts. That leaves you with frostbolt and ice lance, and if you get a FoF drought you're just stuck doing frostbolt spam.

Blizz already gave us a fix for those not wanting to deal splash damage to stuff they aren't fighting with the nether tempest update. That not only offers a solution to the argument. but it also validates the argument. So scoff all you want and make snide comments about it, but it was a valid criticism which received a viable solution.
Thank you zoom for explaining what I wanted to say. :)
I'm happy to say that living bomb explosion and ice lance cleave does not hit enemy players when you are not flagged as pvp.

A alliance toon was trying to tag me as pvp when i was killing a rare mob yesterday, but that didn't work out for him :)

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