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Ive done the first quest, turned in the first 90 i got, now i got 130 of these in my bags and i cant find the npc to turn them in again. Anyone know where we can do this ?

I'd like to know how to turn more in my self. Did the quest and now i an turn anymore in. What gives?
It's a weekly quest :) Wait until tomorrow!


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I have 350 of these and cant find the NPC to turn them in and not showing up weekly.
Is there a bug ?
Elder Lin is at the bottom of the Shrine where the various faction reps are found. There's no bug that I'm aware of - I have no issues turning this in weekly.

The only thing I can think of is if you're in the middle of the Operation Shieldwall quest that brings you to the Shrine so you're in a phased area. If so, you need to complete the quests there, leave the area then return to get things back to normal.

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