Resto Druid/Monk/DK -- LFG/LFM

Friends and I are looking to join a preferably semi-hardcore (2 nights a week MAYBE 3) 10m raiding guild. We don't care what level the guild is, if it's new, whatever.

We're all very experienced. Savior/Death's Demise/etc. Just need an outlet for the awesomeness that we ooze. We're all pretty fun dudes just looking to slay some dragons and PvP a bit on the side.

We have considered making our own guild but don't really want to deal with recruitment and all of the other nonsense. However, the option is still on the table so if you are like-minded and are interested, let me know.
Yo man, I'm reading this and I'm super interested and I'm also looking for a hardcore raiding guild, but I'm mainly available for raiding over the weekend. Hit me up @ Thats my Real ID, I'll try to find you ingame if I have a chance... I just got back to WoW, and I practically skipped Cata and I'm ready to do some good things in MoP, thanks

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