have you ever created a new toon from scartch

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3 times now.

I've never been fond of heirlooms anyway (tried it once, made lvling waaaay to boring), and starting from scratch was a fresh challenge of sorts during the lulls in content.
i usually do it whenever someone has a "SAVE OUR REALM!" post. like Cho'Gall a little while back. it was awesome.
The leveling process itself I found to be more fun without heirlooms, but slower, and forget pvp from 10-14 unless you like being one shot over and over and over.
Got a character to 56 and 52 (both mages on different servers at different times) and I loved it, just got bored around that level. I've leveled 7 warriors to 30-49 and I rage-quit on all of them.
I've started from scratch a few times and really enjoyed the process.
But in the end, I always migrate back to the server I first started with. Even tho it'll never be what it was, all the fond memories make it home.
Did it a few times but never stayed. Its easy, but meh
started this guy with cata. you can see how it went :o
10/01/2012 04:22 PMPosted by Savagenoble
on a new sever and if so how did it go.

I have, and had no problems.

Made gold, got bags, got loot, played the game.

I was a little slower than am used to, due to the lack of BOAs, but since I figured out how to play the game, I had no loot/money/resource problems.

And now what the mounts being account wide, I definitely don't have a mount problem anymore.
Yes, to try out a PvP server.

Got it to 51 before I got bored. It was going very well though. Plenty of money despite having no main to mooch from. Was fun sneaking into Horde controlled areas in order to do the instances (this was before LFD). PvP was fun for the most part, mainly because I found it funny that somebody from a PvE server should be dominating the fights so badly unless it was grossly uneven.

I was an Alliance Shaman on Forgotten Coast, a Horde dominated server.
This mage started off on a new realm and it went well. Yes, you can still level a character successfully without BoA, gold from another character or even a set of 20 slot bags from your tailor.

In fact it is rather fun instead of plowing through everything as fast as possible.
This guy. Needless to say, he became my main. And then had me make 3 other toons on the server and level them to 85. And then raid with them. Oh, did I mention I joined a guild, and they liked me and trusted me enough to make me a Raid Officer? Seems like it's going guuuud.
I roll on different realms all the time because I like playing solo where no one can find me O.o
10/01/2012 04:25 PMPosted by Atömik
Sucked. went back to my main realm.

Pretty much sums it up for me as well. I have tried, gotten to 40 or 50 something.. MANY times. I always come back to where I am familiar and have gold. Going to a new realm feels weird for me, the trade trolls just aren't as entertaining as my home realm.

Yes, I am one of those that reads Trade chat. I never use or sell via Trade though, just read.

In fact I was going through random realms that I don't remember playing on last night, and deleting characters. Some were in the 50s and 60s. I apparently had a guild with tabs with just my characters in it on Kil'Jaeden and a few thousand gold and 4 tabs STUFFED with mats for herbs, ores, gems and cloth and some recipes.

I found a level 43 Dwarf who had some standard, quest gear (Was looking for someone new or doesn't have a main, my best way to find out I guess) so I added him to the guild. Told him to look in the guild bank, made him guild master. He began freaking out in chat.

Told him HAVE FUN! and logged out, deleted character. Made my day as well as his. I wonder how cool that would have been if he was actually new. I never had that happen before.
Yes it is very fun and rewarding. You cheer over green random drops. A 6 slot bag drops gets a hallelujah. Selling some ore or herbs on the Ah for a few gold and you're RICH!

I love the new server feeling you get when all the little things matter. :-)
Several times. The hardest part was being lonely. :(
A couple times. This toon was actually rolled as a Human on Stomrage. Was a complete reroll; no gold, looms or help from my mains. Got her all the way to 85.. then deleted her. (Obviously I brought her back) Then I rolled a Druid from scratch over there. Brought a ton of my toons there and then got bored and brought them to the server my old friends moved to.
I also currently have a 70 something Druid on KT that I rerolled.

I have a problem.

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