have you ever created a new toon from scartch

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I've played on two servers, Draka and then Tanaris. I transferred this toon off of Draka in order to attain superior low latency. The transfer took place during early Cata, humans could newly roll the hunter class, I did, and leveled that toon with prime network performance past this one to 85 and established a new main.
A lot.

It's really easy as long as every bridge you previously had has been burnt to the ground.
yep....this guy! (image two thumbs pointing back) And i may add that NO ONE else has a Treadwise...Not only is this my first and favorite toon...but his name is unique across the realms...has been since 2008. Top of the heap for brew swilling short guys i would say!
Yep! When I switched from the PvP Server that my friend made me start the game on to a PvE Server. I will NEVER go back again, that's for sure.
Bad. I always stopped as soon as I left the race's starter zone... which is either level 10 or 20.

I guess it's because I levelled 9 different classes to 85, and the only lowbie is my 74 warlock all on the same server already.

Redoing all the low level zones for an 11th time on another server kinda sucks. Not to mention I can't level up alts without heirlooms anymore and without some gold. I need gold to buy bigger bags, a couple upgrades from the AH every now and then to speed things up.

When I'm on a new server, I don't have:

- Heirlooms... which means I level up super slow.
- No gold... which means I'm poor, can't afford anything and I gotta live with quest upgrades which isn't very often.
- No huge bags... which means I'm always stuck with full bags and I gotta vendor more often.
Yep you are looking at her :)

New everything, literally...whole new account for MOp as I was sick and tired of relying on higher toons for everything and account wide achieves annoy me because I never really liked any of my toons lol.

So I started fresh, with Rain and I am having so much fun, and the achieves mean something again as I have no intention of ever rolling meaningless alts again :)
This toon is a reroll. Came back to WoW after taking most of BC off. Most of my friends from my original server - Blackrock - were gone. So I picked a random server and off I went.
Ive done it a couple times, but the recent ones have kinda sucked. Idk why, i just get extremely bored after a while. The only success attempt at it was mid way through wrath. I started as a blood elf paladin late BC and then quit when ulduar was current content. I left until after the tourny was out and then restarted a human paladin on a new realm, and have stuck to the realm since.
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on a new sever and if so how did it go.
it turned into 10 toons... twice.
I've really been considering doing this as I don't want to spend the money it would take to transfer off the 4 toons I leveled last expansion and played around with. My realm is just completely dead, there's probably 50 people that are capable of raiding on the alliance side left and I'd like to do heroic modes again this expansion. I'm just tired of being on a server where you can't kick anyone out of a raid group no matter how bad they are because there is nobody else to take, or the replacement is just as bad. People would still wipe on Ultraxion and crap several months into DS lol, so frustrating. I have all the heirlooms, and over 1m gold on nazjatar, plus a nice transmog set for this pally :(.

That's why this toon is sitting at 85....I really can't decide wth to do! If transfers were free I'd be gone lol, instead I'm being a cheap bastard.
ya i started on a pvp realm after i got my first 85. Well lets just say i accidently went to one that was alli full...
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Yep! I’ve done it on both realms where RL friends played and realms where I was completely and utterly new to the population. I actually really enjoyed the experience (and challenge!) of starting over from scratch and making entirely new friends along the way. Especially with the advent of the Real ID and Battle Tag integration, it’s also become increasingly easier for me to keep in touch with and group with friends from other realms. :)

Your post colour leads me to believe bias is at work here.
You're looking at a success story. I started on Galakrond, quit for a while, then left everything and struck out for Kil'jaeden.

I also joined a reroll guild on Hyjal; I'm playing my shaman there when Kil'jaeden is in queue.
have you ever created a new toon from scartch on a new sever and if so how did it go.

I think EVERYONE has.
i made a new tune from scratch on a new server, on a new faction (for me) as horde, where the horde pop was low. had no boas, no money, and no idea what i was doing lol. now there's a challenge. you don't know any of the quest chains, nor the areas specific to that faction, nor the layout of their capital cities merchants and what not. like where the heck is the pvp gear vendor. where's the "boat" to northrend, etc.

it's a challenge but with general knowledge of the game, today, it's much easier than a few years ago.
I do have some new characters started from scratch on the Lightbringer server. I decided to try the Alliance for a bit on questing while we had the dead period before the expansion came up. It is impossible to remain un-guilded with no guild invite spam for Lightbringer / Alliance. I eventually had to cave so it would stop :P The moment my Panda Warrior chooses Alliance, 2 seconds later I get an invite . . . My Alliance alts are on hold while I am leveling my Horde toons.

I can say that starting from scratch gives the feeling of earning more gold on the character from doing more quests. The BoA gear may get the character up fast, but it has the after effect of becoming more dependent on mains to fund it on mounts / flying. About the only thing I notice of inconvenience are bag slots to start with :P
Yes without heirlooms, bags, friends, or knowing the people/guilds on the realm. It's fun because of the privacy imo.

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