have you ever created a new toon from scartch

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yep, like it so much I now have 50 characters and 4 accounts >.<

Holy Personal Flashmob, Batman!
i have 7 85s on blackrock.. and 8 85s on stonemaul... getting them to 90 is gonna be a pain as it is
10/01/2012 04:22 PMPosted by Savagenoble
on a new sever and if so how did it go.

Yes and good.
I did many years ago. I started on Bronzebeard horde-side with coworkers, switched to Darkspear to play with a different group of coworkers, and later switched back to Bronzebeard because I didn't enjoy the hassle of playing on a PvP server, but I decided to go alliance instead. After getting married I started this character on Cenarion Circle to play with the boss of my (now ex) husband in 2006 and played there up until my guild switched servers in August. Oh almost forgot, I did make a DK on the Thrall server back in WotLK and got her to 80 when I briefly dated a guy from there but I transferred her to Cenarion Circle after we broke up.

Every now and then I start characters on other servers that friends play on but I usually don't get too far with them. For all my server hopping in the first year or so of the game I never did make it to the level cap before BC came out.
Done it a couple times, now I'm pretty much all on one server and I'm sticking with it. New toons can be fun and new people to interact with makes it interesting.
I did once, the realm died, eventually became a no-pop realm
What the heck is scartch?
This is my new main. I left my old server with 4 85's. Now to some that isn't a lot but for me it was a really tough decision. However I don't regret it in the least. I left a terrible low pop realm for this amazing rp server. Especially switching to and RP server just breathed new life into the game for me and I am loving every second of it!
Yes and it became my main.
Yep, started this toon on new server after my main became so over populated. He's pretty much become my main now and I've never looked back! It was fun to start over with nothing and like others have said, once you know what you're doing it's not hard to build up gold and other goodies!
10/01/2012 04:22 PMPosted by Savagenoble
on a new sever and if so how did it go.

Sure, plenty of times. It went fine, why wouldn't it?
I've tried, but I usually return back to my original realm. I always feel a sense of pride and investment in my existing characters.
10/02/2012 06:48 AMPosted by Mìnty
Yup, leveled a Warrior to 85 on Tichondrius... Was horrible, everyone was a elitist jerk and no-one wanted to have a conversation.

Hmm, I didn't have that problem on tich horde when I leveled (in late wrath). Maybe it's the company you keep?
You put years of effort into a server, then throw it all away to start from nothing and do it all over again? No thanks.
The introduction of cross realm features (after account wide achievements, or achievements in general, and I suppose everything else I've enjoyed in this and previous expansions) is probably one of the best ideas that Blizzard has added. Obviously, CRZ still needs some attention, but the functionality to be able to quest with people on another realm is just so exciting. Always had friends on other realms, never able to do things with them, until things like cross realm raiding, pvping, CRZ's, etc...

That being said, recently since I had 11 85's on my main server, I wanted to start fresh with some alliance characters (I miss being Alliance some times, after I transferred ALL of my characters horde on my main server, and I've always wanted to start a second druid). I made him a night elf druid, exactly like my druid used to be, and the nostalgia + all of the druid changes in 5.0 made for a very fun experience! I've decided to make him a Herald of the TItans character (He's already 80), and I've since started other characters on the server (a low level priest and a low level death knight), and I have an 85 shaman, hunter, and rogue over there, in addition to my 85's on my main server.

There were many tried and failed attempts at re-rolling on another server (not permanently, as a side project of course), but don't ever rule it out! I've had a blast!
I have three different servers with at least one 85. It really isn't that bad. The worst part is not having any good bags. Furthermore, especially now that noone needs to spend money on class trainers, affording your riding training is easily doable without any actual farming for gold. Well, other than the two expensive flying trainings for flying faster. But those are just luxuries anyway.

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