have you ever created a new toon from scartch

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I've done it several times now. I find it easier to just create a new character than to transfer one, so both times I moved servers, I started over from scratch. Granted, the last time I moved servers was with the launch of BC, when I went from a PvP realm to a PvE realm and knew I wouldn't be able to transfer back if I transferred off, as well.

I did similar when I started playing on Feathermoon, but then I wasn't moving realms. And I did the same when I made a twink on Sisters of Elune for the 29s bracket, but then I only leveled the one character and only to 29, though I still had to collect all the gear for twinking without a "main" on the realm. :/

So, I've done it multiple times and never felt compelled to purchase a realm transfer. With account-bound mounts/pets/etc. now I feel even less so.
I do it a lot. It's like a mini game for me. :D
I and half my guild went from Terenas as Alliance to Quel' Dorei as horde. We had all reached a point on Terenas that we were bored and spoke often of quitting. After rerolling on QD, we had a BLAST - made new friends, enjoyed a new experience of seeing the game from the horde side and remembered why we played this game to begin with - lol. Some have transferred toons from Terenas to QD and switched them to horde, but I rerolled all of my 8 toons from scratch. Didn't take that long and was fun. Sadly, with the introduction of CRZ's, some of my guild has quit playing now and I'm not sure how long I'll stay.
Though I started out on Proudmoore w/ a NE Druid in BC, I stopped playing after a month. When I came back a week before Wrath I bought Burning Crusades and rolled a Blood Elf Paladin on Fizzcrank (I liked the sound of the name). I never looked back and I still have that toon now, only she's human now.

While I was playing Horde, I decided to start over again on Nesingwary (again, liked the sound of the server name) as Alliance. That way I'd have an Alliance server and a Horde server. Well, circumstances changed and transfers happened and now my two main realms are Draenor and Proudmoore (Horde this time). Thanks to cross-realm zones/dungeons/raids and Real ID, I'm able to still enjoy experiences w/ my friends who stayed on or moved to other realms.
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Surely it's much easier then vanilla to start from scratch.

Yes. Gold was a problem (at least for me) in classic. Gold is a non-issue in modern wow, due to the world being flooded with max level chars who level professions in the ah instead of in the world, creating a lot of inflation which is to an alts benefit.

It's also quicker to reach max level, although some of that is a little disappointing, since you skip most of the zones in, for example, BC where even without heirlooms, you're probably only doing 3 zones or so.
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I hear a lot of folks say this server is a whole bunch of Elitish Jerks, ect ect. I have a 86 BE lock (yes its female and blonde lol) on Illidian, and I've meet quite a few nice folks and guilds there. On the other hand I've meet More Jerks on Ravencrest than any of the other servers I've played on (more than I want to admit) and RC is supposed to be a laid back easy server (it was during BC and died WOTLK came out)

One of the worst servers I've been on was a small pop realm. I've actually not encountered a lot of rude players on high pop realms like tichondrius and kil'jaeden and others.

Low pop realms i'm 50:50 on. SoE I've found nice, but lethon I found terrible.
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on a new sever and if so how did it go.

Did it, started out on a new server about two months ago. Got a war to 30, lock to 47, rogue to 48 and recently my monk is at 70. Having to gather your own mats sucks because everything on the AH is overpriced and set for alt players, not new players. But i took advantage of the high AH prices and went with herb/skin on my lock and gathered and sold everything. My rogue is also herb/inscription since all my toons will benefit from having a scribe.
I've done it a few times, but lost interest when the person I did it for really didn't pan out. The one time I did, though, was kind of memorable. It was December 4th, 2004. I rolled a Troll Mage on Silver Hand, and the legend began. Since I had two sh*tty jobs to deal with, plus an overactive social life, I'd play maybe a couple hours every other day or so.

Man, how times change. I almost refuse to play without my friends/guildies on anymore. If I wanted to play a single-player game, I'd go play some Fable 3 or something.
I have, but I cheated...

I just can't seem to roll a level-1 from scratch without succumbing to the temptation of also making a DK on the new server to give the little guy some gold.
Leveled an alliance Rogue with a friend on another server. Neither of us had other toons there. It was actually really fun having no resources for a change.
Yep, did that for this character and his horde counterpart.
Ugh not if I can avoid it.
No heirlooms, no gold, no bags. Sounds terrible to me.
I did for the Ironman Challenge, went pretty well until I died at 83, made a decent (read ~20k) gold selling off transmog greens and such. Since it was for the IMC and one of the few perks I could have was transportation, that was my first char with the highest level of riding skill. All and all was kind of fun.
I've done it a few times and I've found some realms that I really like by doing so!
I do that all the time. I never stay on one character (or realm for that matter) for a long time.
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That's what this toon was. Fresh reroll on a new server. She's now my main, and main cheevo and pet/mount collector.

Best name EVER! LOL
I am doing it right now with this toon. I came here from the European servers to play with a RL friend, so this account is barely a month old. I will admit the thought is a bit daunting at first... No main, no heirlooms, no gold. But I found once you make a few contacts and get into a good guild it gets a lot easier.

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