have you ever created a new toon from scartch

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I gave up at 42. Granted this was well before account wide achievements and what not. It would probably be a bit easier for me to do now, if I wasn't working on my main at the moment.
I do this every time I come back. I have highish level characters on like 4 servers.

I dunno why, but I like completely starting over. Anyway, it's not hard at all. I'm up to 10k g on this character.

Not this time, though. Wanted my BOAS.
I haven't been able to get a character to max level from level 1 since cataclysm. The leveling starts out well enough, but even without heirloom gear you end up outleveling the zones so fast that you don't get the satisfaction of seeing the zone story to completion. Without the story, the leveling just becomes a pointless grind in and of itself. Ironically, the leveling/story issue also makes the cata endgame levels lose context, thus the complaints about garrosh being a hollow character and such are a direct result of players being unable to see the lore leading to that point.
im rolling a new toon on a different realm and given how heirlooms are strictly server bound, i wont have heirlooms even though Nollie has every heirloom in the game including the ring and guild pants. /sigh... should be interesting...
10/01/2012 04:51 PMPosted by Piddy
The biggest thing missing from a new toon with no support is bags. I missed those the most, to the point that I was paying the gray vendors for 6 and 8 slot bags until I could finally afford Netherweave bags from the AH.

I solved the bag issue by making a tailor and got bags to get by then learned a new profession later.
10/01/2012 06:15 PMPosted by Vaeflare
Especially with the advent of the Real ID and Battle Tag integration, it’s also become increasingly easier for me to keep in touch with and group with friends from other realms. :)

Not to mention, CRZ is the Discover Card of re-rolling. Miss an old friend? Invite to party and boom - Back together!
I found making a toon on a server where I had no other characters was fun. I took on tailoring for a short time to get bags then after that Got the new profession I actually wanted.

Actually I have toons on 5 servers so I have done this several times.
That's how this character started.
I've tried several times to make a new character on a new realm, but I got bored of them, and also got frustrated by the fact I couldn't send heirlooms to them. I also just don't have the time.
After having multiple 85's grouped together that needed nothing, making a new toon sucked.
Sometime around this time last year I created this toon after moving from my old server. I also have a Warlock that I did the same thing with. Its fun and now it is actually quite easy.
I've done it a lot. I go through periodically and delete the toons from realms I don't wind up liking very much, partly for my own sanity and partly so someone else can get the name if they want it, but I've found some great servers this way (like Emerald Dream) and met some terrific people.

The thing is, though, you have to enjoy leveling, and you have to enjoy it even before you can get the BOAs and the good bags and so on. If you don't like leveling, I'd say create an alt to check out a new server, and if you like it better than the one you're on, pay for a realm transfer. Otherwise it'll just be dull and frustrating.
I've done it a couple times, but the highest I've gotten is a draenei pally, which is 78; the worst part about that is she has a ridiculous amount of gold that seems to be from some mysterious source of which my mains don't have access.
I have an 88, 2 85 alliance, 1 85 horde and several low level alts now, I would say it went alright.
I did it a few times before i got to my current Realm and it wasnt bad but when i tried again a few months ago, i was back on my main before i got anyone past 20.
I've done it way too many times. I have characters on 10-15 different realms at all sorts of levels. Some are guilded, most are not (because I'm not active enough on any one to avoid being gkicked for inactivity =P).

I have learned how to do the DK starting area as quickly as possible for a burst of gold for my new low-level character, sometimes keeping a DK on one of my two accounts to farm crafting materials.

I haven't tried it since MoP hit as I'm not getting enough play time right now to even get this gal halfway to 86 or my one pandaren monk to 10 yet. =/
It's really not that hard. I've only ever faction/server changed one character, and I actually regretted spending the money.

Get some gathering profs and/or find some drops that people want (for cooking, say) and you can make enough money to have decent sized bag space by, say, level 20, maybe less. Once bag space is achieved, you're pretty much good to go.

This character was built from scratch because my brother and I decided to try an RP server because the people are nicer. He ended up faction changing one character, I think, but this one started out from 1 with absolutely nothing. I have tons of other characters on other servers, but they are basically dead to me. I used to have a tendency to get bored around level 40-50, so only a very few were even level capped.

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