PvP Season 12 Begins October 2!

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Seriously?!?! Did you learn NOTHING from Season 10? What the hell is wrong with you Blizzard? Your asinine decision making, especially last minute, is driving away your player base.
Time to cancel my subscription :)
fix this guys
this really isn't fair
what a joke

inc s10 and no one playing again
What is this, the third time they've refused to reset MMR? cata launch s10 fiasco and now?
This is ridiculous. Why can't you see that it's only fair to reset with each season? This makes it impossible for new players to compete for titles when the spots are practically locked up, assuming that the high mmr players go at least 50/50 win/loss. With game changes, players with different proficiencies might be able to shake things up in the ladder, but with this design, everything is practically static.

Yes, high rated/skilled players will get to the top of the ladder no matter what. However, is it not logical that everyone should start at a base line at the beginning of a season so that there is some sort of chance of variation? Why does it seem to be such a horrible thing for a lower rated player to temporarily have a chance to experience what it's like to face a Gladiator? It's not like the period of time where that is a possibility is long lived, as the Glad would certainly build mmr quickly and go beyond the que pool of the lower rated player.

Bottom line, this system is stale and it is very disappointing that with a new expansion it appears no creative thought was put into solutions to a glaring problem that involves a fundamental component of competitive pvp.

The least you can do is reset mmr as originally promised. FIX IT, RESET MMR.
nice 1... jk >.>
obviously a stupid decision.
Wow, wonder what swayed that decision.. Maybe they realized PvP was so screwed up that it doesn't really matter what they do any more. Might as well piss everyone off so much that they quit PvPing and start slayin some dragons.

Anyways, bad choice is bad. Enjoy seeing trade spammed with glad pilots ("carries").
Surprise everyone! No MMR reset! So me goofing around last season expecting the reset shafts me to glorious lowbie ratings.
the sole reason i came back to the game was because i thought pvp was going to be better. noooope, it makes absolutely no sense to keep the same mmr for three seasons now. I truly dont understand the decisions blizzard makes. they have to know this hurts player morale and thus hurts future sales/ stock prices. I truly wonder why in the world they would not put five minutes of critical thinking into these decisions.

the truth is that they forgot to add the reset into the last patch. But the hilarity of the situation is that they wont fix it at the very earliest until next season. just lol
Also, the only reason Activision is still making profits is because of WoW. New games come and go, but wow is the cash cow. As already seen the sales of this expansion are very low compared to cata or wotlk. This is because of the lack of trust from the player base towards blizzard. If they keep alienating players by doing this kind of thing, their stock will be in the toilet in the next two years.

I call for ghostcrawler to resign over being absolutely incapable of having a fair and balanced arena season since s7 (lol beast cleave).
Reset mmr or season ruined first day
blizz you really screwed the pooch this time. i casually screwed around in low rated arenas with my brother in s10 and was looking forward to mop so we could seriously compete and push for a high ranking. guess not :(
And i was actually looking forward to blizzard taking care of pvp...Rofl what a joke.
mmr needs to be reset immediately or we will have the same scenario where teams with high mmr simply sit a team they formed in wk1-2 and everyone else - who want to actually play the game - grinds each other at !@#$ty mmr.
Do not worry everyone... Next expansion will fix it.

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