PvP Season 12 Begins October 2!

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Are you guys fricken kidding?????

NOT RESETTING MMR???????? What on EARTH were you guys smoking at the time you decided that??????????????????????????????????
Arena rating needs to bleed out if you dont play a certain amount of games a week. You cant be the "champions" if you do not ever compete.
i really dont get it but then again i never understood why blizz made rogues really op on cata we'll im happy to see majority is being ripped off once again i was really looking foward for a fresh new start but instead i come back for this !@#$ ? really tired of it im really reaching my limit of how much i wanna put up with this stupidity
first day of areana and its already looking awful had high hope also but i should have known better. this decision is beyond stupid in soo many levels i hope this last min decision makes you happy
the !@#$ blizz WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??????????????????
Are you too ashamed to answer this forum post blizzard?
Reset MMR seriously
Another amazing job from blizzard /sarcasm

They can't do anything right
10/03/2012 01:49 AMPosted by Stomination
Arena rating needs to bleed out if you dont play a certain amount of games a week. You cant be the "champions" if you do not ever compete.

This. There should be an increasing rating decay if you don't play a minimum amount of games each week. If such a system was in place then it could actually benefit the players to not reset MMR on a new season.
How stupid. So many people got burnt out about how the arena scene has been for the past year give or take. This was the biggest problem and this is what made everybody stop playing competitively and made the rest of us suffer. Unreal how bad of a decision this truly is.
Could you just admit that you forgot to reset MMR instead of playing it off like it's a logical decision? Screwing up the season before it even start's is bad enough but lying about it is worse
Please reset MMR its for the best.
Thanks Blizzard, another season ruined for srs pvpers... ='(
such a dumb decision.
Anybody that thinks they "forgot" is just stupid. It isn't one person and it isn't something small. They just didn't announce their decision until the community couldn't complain like we are now so they wouldn't be forced to make a decision they don't want to. It's like forgetting you have to let your dog out. You just don't forget it will poop in your house.
They have no reason. They don't know what they're doing over there. They say they're going to fix things and the results are "last minute decision to keep mmr".

Who makes that decision??? Can they have some balls and stand in the fire and explain to us why they didn't go through with what they said they were going to do? No they don't. Better to ignore us, AS ALWAYS-ALWAYS, then give us any explanation. I don't like to see people lose their jobs, but when it comes to continuing failure to do the right thing, then heads need to roll because you guys SUCK at your job.
Yeah, this is ridiculous. Reset plz

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