PvP Season 12 Begins October 2!

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Grabbed this Quote off a guy from Arena Junkies named Raiku.

"So stupid.. i got 2.9k mmr on both my chars in 3v3 so bassicly I can just play first week with a fotm comp and camp. Like every season :) "

Even the people with high MMR think you guys are dense for not reseting MMR.
I quit for ~9 months and came back for PvP. Ridiculous that MMR hasn't been reset AGAIN.

Fix your mistake TODAY and reset it before people spend more time actually trying, don't wait 2 weeks and reset then.
MMR should be reset and it shouldn't be allowed to sit on your rating. You should lose rating every week you don't play. That would make it competitive.
Lol - This is completely laughable. So I'm assuming there's going to be a need like last time for the community to have 10,000+ petitions from players demanding an MMR reset. What really bothers me is we were told MMR would be reset quite a while back, then right BEFORE everyone starts to play, they drop a bomb saying no MMR reset. I think they are taking advantage the fact that many of us have entered into a contract to keep our accounts active for a year, and they KNOW we can't cancel; I would without a doubt have canceled my subscription the moment they announced this "oversight," but obviously can't. You would think a company like this would learn from their past mistakes and show the pvp community that they actually care.
Good job on making an incompetent decision here. MMR should reset every season. Now we all get the joy of you eventually resetting mmr again and likely making the excellent decision to leave ratings in place. Fix this now, not later.
I would say I'm disappointed but that implies that I had faith in blizz to make the right decision
"Well this is very unexpected and surprising" said no one ever.
This isn't a case of "sorry for the inconvenience," it's more of a "sorry, we've decided to throw this season in the trash can. Maybe next season."
Really no MMR reset? I was really looking forward to this.. as well as many (MANY) others.. I'm okay with little bug fixes etc.. but this "last second decision" how can something as important as this be a last minute decision? I'm quite dissapointed in the way this was handled..
And i thought this might be the season i get to try for rating after being so low before..
guess that won't happen when every team sits on their rating after a day..
Well that's just adorable.
Log on. Que up for 3s. Wait 35 min. Faceroll a 1800 team and find out you have a 2500 mmr still and gain 10 pts.

This sucks.

Rerolled team in hopes of Blizz resetting mmr so we can start from 0. If not I seriously have no desire to sit in 30-60 minute ques like last season to win and get 0-3 pts.

Any word on blizz doing any kind of fix to keep arena brackets active and prevent sitting on rating?
Hmm, it looks to me like you advertised that you were resetting the mmr. And then you didn't. So anyone who bought MoP, server transferred...pretty much gave you money in any way should be entitled to a refund if they want, assuming the purchase occurred after your blue post stating the mmr would be reset.
There's always one action or inaction by Blizzard that ruins an entire arena season, every since the start of Cataclysm. Whether it was the embarrassing MMR reset with no ladder reset in Season 10 that quite literally destroyed the arena season, or... well, all of the other cheating, exploiting and wintrading that went on.

I'm shocked to see that they'd actually ruin the first arena season of Mists of Pandaria, the day that it came out. I should not be surprised by now.
No MMR reset is a joke, especially for anyone playing a monk lmao
idiots, why why why i got sucked in this " get diablo 3 for free " !@#$, can't wait to quit this Pokemon crap
Quote from Blizzard
"HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!! The MMR will be reset tommorow April 2nd.."

oh wait sh%t.. that was just a dream

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