PvP Season 12 Begins October 2!

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ITs really nice to see that all the planning and grinding i have done has been for nothing cause at this points with my current mmr i could go 600-0 and still not get glad ahhh good times thanks
hey blizz, dont wait till this gets to 100 page before aknowledging it, the PvP community is small, not like PvE.
Blizzard Developer really screwed everything up this season with gameplay, and MMR
It all makes sense now...

The real reason MMR was not reset is because your average PvEer "might" be able to grind 2200 for a weapon.

If they don't reset, the chances of a dragon slayer getting 2200 for epic pvp weps is greatly lowered.

It is all part of the plan... reset in 2 weeks perhaps when most guilds have gotten heroic raid weapons. but by that time the damage will have been done and we will see people camping R1 / glad by then

GG blizz /golfclap
Its so retarded that you actually have faith in blizzard in resetting the MMR cuz youd think that they cant be THAT stupid.
10/02/2012 03:12 PMPosted by Crithto
As some of you have noticed, MMR did not reset today with the start of Season 12. This was indeed a last minute decision and we apologize for any confusion this has caused.

Well, looks like the season will be !@#$ after all.
Im quitting this game just because of this change, MMR had to be reset..
plenty of reasons to reset mmr at the start of every season...

what's the reason not to? if it was intended you owe us answers. we're your boss after all, being paying customers.
You guys have to realize that those people do not play this game and so they're absolutely do not know how this game work. They're just stupid arrogant.
Soulstone can be used on arenas.
even a new expansion and you dont reset MMR?
sigh...... blue post please with useful information is needed..
Stop being a buncha noobs blizzard, reset the MMR.
yay blizzard...fail fail fail

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