PvP Season 12 Begins October 2!

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This is wrong... on many levels.
This is, sooo bad.
So everything we were told we would have, they ended up not doing at the last minute?

Yeah, they really care about pvp balance.

Their solution to the rating campers they even acknowledged? Make it easy for them to do it again this season.

And of course we wont hear a word from any of them regarding any of this ever. Just another arena season.
Not sure where the discussion should even start. I thought a new expansion meant a clean slate? I didn't realize it was Wrath of the Mists of Cataclysm.
Terrible decision. Great start to the season
This is an upsetting decision. I sincerely hope Blizzard doesn't plan to carry through with it.
Arena ruined first day the season started. Great job blizz.
I understand that it's hard to hear us peons from on top of your giant pile of money, but if you'd like to keep that pile of money, I would suggest you start making decisions that make sense and maybe even stick to your word when you people say you'll do things.

Unless you intend to run this franchise and company (Let's not forget Diablo III) into the ground, then by all means, please keep doing what you're doing.
Wow. Not even a reason to play this season. Disappointing.
and there goes s12 gg, cya guys next season might as well freeze my account now
I don't even PvP competitively, and I can see plain as day that this "decision" is completely ridiculous on many, many, MANY levels. And to have your PvP'ers expecting for months that this MMR reset would happen, then for you Blizzard to pull this garbage at the last minute while simply saying "sorry for the inconvenience this caused!". That's just...well, for lack of a better work, it's terrible. Absolutely brutal customer service.

Do better.
ROFL terrible. Great way to start off new arena season
If they didn't reset between Cata and MoP, I'm sure we won't see a reset between 12 and 13. MMR is locked in forever.
Funny thing is they will see all the negative feedback about this happening and just giggle at us, ive seen people with downs have better judgement then this.
I hope they change there minds fast.This will wreck the arena season please rethink this blizzard.

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