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Emerald Dream
10/03/2012 09:06 AMPosted by Dispelhope
At first glance 4/10, because it reminded me too much of dominoes. And then I got excited thinking about pizza, and now it's a 9/10.

I'm kind of digging the name, but the class doesn't seem to go with it...7/10...switch to warrior or shaman and it's definitely a 10/10 for me.

That's funny. It used to be my Warriors name until I got Blizz to gimmie back my Mage I deleted and so it was taken away from my Warrior.
I win! lol


I like the name, good for rp, rolls off the tongue nicely too. :)
Dat a ss.

I'd rate it a 9/10, would look again.
8/10 seems like a cool hunter name.
Not really sure what to think but sounds neat enough.

Makes me think Halifax. Hated Halifax. But I do not hate you so I give you...


To aid the next person,

Sounds native american, fits with Tauren lore just fine.

10/10, would attempt to pronounce again.
((If I could only guess how many people have asked me if I am from Halifax over the last 7 years... smh too many.. Detroit, Michigan))

Sounds like a Thuggish Orc name..

Nice name for a night elf hunter, kinda unusual but in a good way.

Hmm... Reminds me of an annoying dog an old friend had that humped my leg.


Reminds me of a Dwarf Warrior name. So seeing it on a Blood Elf Death Night I have to wonder.

Use of an NPC's Name of a different race and faction -5, getting away with it +3


(p.s. since I posted on my mains, figure I would post on my Bank Pirate alt.)
Marhiel- Boring name

7/10 fits warriors nicely

It's a decent name, just doesn't seem like it's a human name. Also doesn't roll well off the tongue.
Madden/Christopher Walken.

Beautiful man. you are.
10/10 cause you are my GM XD and because never seen anyone else with the name.
4/10, boring use of a regular word as a character name.
The name with an "ix" in it just seems to work with a Worgen. No idea of the guild name's origin, but there are other guilds with it. 8/10

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