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Emerald Dream
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When i see your name i think of 'Puss', and love the guild name.

Ahh, it seems I was beat. Your name is gorgeous as well though. Perfect for a blood elf. 7/10 There's a space between the 'Deathwing' and the 's' in your guild name and it bugs me for some reason.

Opide's official name (since she's been declared an honorary gnome and then married a human.. stupid draenei) is Opide "Fizzletonk" Gray. There's titles and such, but that's her name essentially. Nothing special, I used the name generator and it just kind of. Stuck to me.
7/10. Not sure how to pronounce it. If it's "sir us" then I like it. It also reminds me of a sky blue (mage color) Prius which is sort of meh.

Edit: was way late evidently.

8/10 I like it. Reminds me of opiates. :)
8/10, sounds a bit transylvania'ish, so it's good for a Death Knight.

Inc flame for lack of RP on mine :(
I don't want to catch it
I don't want to catch it

^ 6/10 for sheer awesomeness, would be 10/10 if this wasn't an RP server.

(My name is from Shakespeare, lol--not randomly generated.)
9/10 for the reason that I like roman names and it got me intrigued to post here.

Although it still reminds me of the Sith Lord after I say it a couple times.

Banicus, has a good sound to it, like a strong honorable warrior, can envision someone in peril shouting out "Banicus!" for help. Great human name. 9/10
....yeah thats my name..you mad breh?
5/10 sorry not into his music or else i would rate better
10/09/2012 05:38 AMPosted by Erps
5/10 sorry not into his music or else i would rate better


uuurps? E.R.P's?

I would rate you low thinking it was not an RP name, however you are a gnome. And we stick together. 9/10

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