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Death Knight
After finally getting to lvl 90 and getting somewhat geared i wanted to test out pvp (bgs + world)

as a level 90 and in full 90 gear i cant even kill a non level 90 easily.

in bgs im never @ top of the dps chart.

why does my dps sucks?

i dueled a hunter (dps test) with the same kind of pvp gear (same resil). poped all my CDs and couldnt kill him. while he poped 2 cds and it was instant loss for me lol

People say Frost dks are powerfull but from what im experincing thei horrible!

maybe im doing something wrong?

here is my rotation >>>

I start off with a howling blast to apply frost fever > Oblv then frost strike then runes r on CD and i have lots of runin power.

am i doing it right?

please feel free to inpect my talents and giving me some help...

thanks :)

hope the dps gets highest because i cant kill anything :(
Well im top dps almost every bg as 2h frost, maybe get a better weapon? Our gear isnt too far off i mean..get a feel of your runes and learn how to manage them. i suggest getting an addon that you're comfortable with to make it easier
You're using two tanking trinkets. Go back to the adventuring vendors and pick up some trinkets that either give you strength or have a strength on-use/proc.
Why aren't you applying Blood Plague?
10/02/2012 06:27 AMPosted by Conser
Runic Empowerment instead of runic corruption. I do not know why you're using RC.

Why do you like Runic Empowerment over RC?
Like jackbauer said, you want your blood plauge up along with your frost fever before you use obliterate, as this increases its damage by 12.5%.

Obliterate1 Unholy, 1 Frost Melee Range
Requires Melee Weapon
A brutal instant attack that deals 230% weapon damage. Total damage is increased by 12.5% for each of your diseases on the target.
Frost DKs do decent damage in my eyes.

I can burst down clothies hitting back to back 40k+ hits as well as getting at least top 3 on the damage charts. Use your Howling Blast in clusterf***** as much as possible.
10/02/2012 04:45 AMPosted by Jäckßäuer
Why aren't you applying Blood Plague?

This was my first question
Also your hit is very low. Probably missing a lot.
10/02/2012 06:36 AMPosted by Sithist
Why do you like Runic Empowerment over RC?

It scales badly (to the point that it gets worse with more haste), and that's kinda 2h's go-to stat (cept strength, but durp you know that).

10/02/2012 06:37 AMPosted by Girlÿ
Like jackbauer said, you want your blood plauge up along with your frost fever before you use obliterate, as this increases its damage by 12.5%.

MR. Jack Bauer to you, miss.

10/03/2012 12:11 AMPosted by Mathúin
This was my first question

It was a good one.
Honestly Blood Tap is the only choice for 2h frost. Why? Because when KM procs you always want to use obliterate on it. With Blood Tap, you can give yourself runes to oblit. With RE, you can't. You have to waste the KM on FS to get runes back. RC is .... okay at best, it provides you runes for KM oblit back decently but Blood Tap is just so much better.

Don't be daunted by blood tap. It will only ever return a fully depleted rune so you can't waste it ever. Simply macro it to Obliterate so you can mash it to return runes and spend them.

Even though it technically refunds less runes? I prefer BT as Blood so I have an extra Death Strike when I need it, but as Frost don't you want the most runes per minute so you do the most damage?
well this is for you serrias I am having issues with dps I have try ed a lot of things I have gone to ice vain and ask Mr robot get the positions I need the gems and food use the horn of winter watch all my cool downs and I am still getting low dps do you have some ways to help me pick up my dps
Curious why you don't open with pillar of frost before your attacks or don't use it during. Start with your obliterate, then frost strike,Howling Blast, Soul Reaper obviously in that situation. Don't Open with Howling Blast.
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