Weapon and Shield Display Error/Bug

Bug Report
Masterwork Phantasmal Hammer and Masterwork Spiritguard Shield are not displaying properly. When I have them put away my character looks like its running with no shield or weapon. It is only when I take them out is when you can see the shield and weapon.
I'm getting the same bug. Also my Spiritblade Decimator does not display on my back when I have it put away.
fix it!!
Yea i just made a new post about this guess i should of searched the forum 1st.
Same here, as of Oct.29.
still not working as of 11/3 :( seems to be all of the masterwork weapons/shields, not sure about the lower grade items.
Still not displaying properly as of this post date.
Yea same here for masterwork 2H ax and 1H maces are not visable when sheathed. FIX IT PLEASE!!!!!

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