Great pandaren banquet

Great pandaren banquet apparently giving me 275 stat points bonus which is the same with other feast (i.e. great banquet of the grill, great banquet of the wok... ). is this a bugged? where I did not get the addition 25 stat bonus from max out cooking or is it working as intended.
And I do not see the incentive of making feast for raid any more since personal food will give 300 stat points.
We're trying to get a better understanding of this, also.
The other feast is supposed to be 250, this one is supposed to be 275, and the personal food is 300. The incentive of making feast is it takes 4% as much farming.
The other feasts can be 275 though if something matches up right? I'm not sure what but I think if you know how to make it (like an alchemist's passive skill) or if the type aligns with the stat you want (Banquet of the Pot gives 275 intellect, but 250 everything else). These are my guesses. I've yet to use the feasts in my bag (still working on boss mechanics).
Feasts only go up to +275 (more for STA) of a Primary stat now. There is no +300 feast yet...

There are also no serious food buffs for secondary stats.

This might be a BYOFB expansion, forcing people to level up cooking.
10/03/2012 11:12 AMPosted by Droodhealz
The other feasts can be 275 though if something matches up right?

As I understand it, each banquet (except Brew and Pandaren) has an associated stat:

Oven: Stamina
Grill: Strength
Wok: Agility
Steamer: Spirit
Pot: Intellect (Ha! Irony!)

The feast will give +275 of its associated stat, or +250 of any other stat, according to the usual rules of smart food. The Banquest of the Brew gives +250 to each stat, and the Pandaren Banquet gives +275 to each stat.

For stamina, the numbers are +375 and +415.

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