There is such thing as a stupid question.

Alright... How exactly does Sacred Shield work? I cast it on myself(or others) and it says it absorbs 11,543 over 5sec?(Or something around those number I'm going off by memory)

And then you can cast 2 of them on the player.

So my question is....

Does that mean it absorbs 11,000dmg off the bat? So if I get hit for 10,000 only 1,000 will go through? And if I stack them and they both say they absorb 11,000+11,000=22,000.... So that means if I get hit for 20,000, it's absorbed and 2,000 hits me?

I'm honestly confused as you can tell... Lol
Edit: Would you guys say Sacred Shield is useful in PvP? I kinda don't think so..
Sacred Shield places a buff on the target which lasts for 30 seconds. Every 6 seconds, this buff provides an absorb shield, which absorbs the amount it says. Those 30 and 6 are the base values; they scale with haste.

Sacred Shield does not stack from the same caster; you can't apply it twice. It shows two buff icons because the absorb shield itself is a separate icon from the longer buff that periodically provides an absorb shield.

Absorption acts like ablative armor for your health bar: 11k absorb means that the first 11k damage you take is prevented and taken out of the shield instead. So if you get hit for 10k, you'd have 1k absorb left and take no damage. If you get hit for 20k, the absorb would be gone and you'd take the other 9k.

Note also that the absorption from Sacred Shield does not stack or roll or any such thing; if you have some absorb left over at the end of the 6-second interval, it just gets overwritten by the new shield.
I'm pretty sure you can not cast 2 Sacred Shields on the same character.

When you see the icon for it's buff showing twice on your screen it is not cast on you twice.
One of the icons represents the actual 30 second buff of Sacred Shield. The other Icon represents the 6 second proc from that buff.

The way SS works is that it lasts for 30 seconds. But during that 30sec it will absorb only so much damage every 6 seconds and then no more for those 6 seconds.
So if your spell tool tip says 11,000 damage that means it will absorb 11,000 every 6 seconds.

So if you get hit 3 times within 6 seconds for 10,000 each hit it will absorb the first hit entirely, and 1,000 from the second hit, and nothing from the 3rd hit.
But once those 6 seconds are up it will reset and you will have another 11,000 of absorption for the next 6 seconds.

The first Icon on your buff bar shows the 30 second buff, and counts down from 30 seconds.
The second Icon shows the 6 second proc and will count down from 6 seconds, starting when you first take damage.
Ahhh see now I understand so every 6 seconds I get an absorb for 11,000, so if I get hit for 11,000 every 6 seconds it's basically absorbed, and everything inbetween those 6 seconds isn't absorbed?
It absorbs up to a total of 11k (or whatever other number), every 6 seconds. There's no between - the next shield begins when the previous shield expires. Any damage past 11k total during each interval isn't absorbed, though, because all the absorption has already been used up. That could mean one hit for 20k, or eleven hits for 1k, or two hits for 5k and 1k out of a third one, or any other combination totaling to 11k.
Hmm I see...

Alright thanks guys, also Yay or Nay for PvP?

I'm leaning towards Nay
It's reasonably decent for pvp, but it is dispellable.
Doesn't cost mana tho. So that's OK
I always describe it to people as being an AoT (Absorb over Time), much like a HoT. Just instead of giving a heal every x seconds, it gives an absorb every x seconds. Whether the absorb gets fully used, partially used, or not used at all is of no concern (just like if a hot tick is fully used, partial overheal, or fully overheal). It will tick another absorb at the approriate interval.

I know you understand it already based on the description already given which covered it, I just wanted to share my personal way of explaining it.

Just remember there's a delay the first time you cast it. The first absorb shield won't activate until about 6 seconds after you cast it.

I personally prefer selfless healer as ret and sacred shield as prot.
I like selfless healer because i usually play with friends and throwing 100k+ (haven't leveled this toon up so i dont know how it scales to 90) insta flash of lights makes me feel like a PIMP. Especially since i can do that while bashing in face, just keep a mental note of how many charges + macro (or just clicking if youre lazy) /cast [target=friendsname] flash of light. Thats why ret is so fun to me, since you can burst face and help your teammates out (wogs lay on hands fol hand of protection, sacrifice ect), and it seems the skillcap rests to some degree in knowing which to do when.

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