Chaos bolt animation Please blizzard !

Please revert the old animation of the chaos bolt ( patch 5.0 ) , the new one is smaller and it looks not as impressive & big as the previous one.
I agree, I really hate the new chaos bolt. The projectile speed, trajectory, and model are all annoying. I suppose it gives an "oh !@#$" feeling to enemy players in pvp when they see it heading for them, but I still don't like it.
i hate it too, they shouldve kept the speed travel time & revert the animation to the old & bigger one.
haters gonna hate
I personally like how it jumps around as it goes to destroy a moving target
its size is very annoying in PVP. It yells "hey I'm here, please target me!"
Personally I think they should just go back to all the old destro with the dmg increase :3 was better IMO. Especially chaos bolt. Was epic
All I know is that it's now completely obsolete due to fire mages spamming insta-pyro >.>

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