Those with cooking trouble, Master of the Way

[Try turning your AddOns off from the log-in screen, then asking what recipes she teaches. There's been some reports of AddOns not playing nice with buying recipes for various professions.[/quote]

That worked!!! :D Thank you so much for your help!
any idea why I can't learn the cooking recipes?
I'm 90 with 535 cooking skill
also if u do the SW cooking daily that will increase ur total cooking toward 600, not the individuals
I have a question...I gave up on the Pandaren Cooking when WOD came out. I have all my reps in place with the Tillers and all the individuals. And I have the 700 max with Wod. Now I have come back to Pandaria and want to complete the Way of the Pot, etc. But all my recipes are greyed out with no possible way to advance in the "Ways". Any hope for me? I would like to get my "Master" completed. Is it going to be possible?
Geez Mykah, make a new thread. The last post is two years old!

No, I dunno how to finish the masters now. Check wowhead.
Having a lot of problems with finding the juicycrunch carrots from "way of the wok". Only one of the vermin has dropped them, and when I kicked the dirt piles, nothing more than vermin came out of them, any help would be appreciated!
Hi, I'm working on this now but I cant seem to find where the recipes are that "to be a master" require?
Could you help please!
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Hi, I'm working on this now but I cant seem to find where the recipes are that "to be a master" require?
Could you help please!

The various cooks in the Halfhill market each teach the recipes for their branch of cooking. Each of these branches is its own seperate sub-skill you need to advance through to unlock its 575-skill banquet recipes.
I'm pretty irritated with "To Be a Master". I've levelled all 6 ways to 600 (earning the achievement). My general cooking skill is maxed at 700. (Also have my farm and grow all kinds of stuff, exalted with Tillers, maxed out rep with each Tiller, etc) Though this quest is available to me, even when I accept it, none of the trainers offer me recipes to learn to complete it. Also, can't complete Jogu the Drunk's Mad Brewers one as I also can't get the recipe (not in the secret stash he sent me either.) These recipes aren't in my learned recipes list either, made sure to check. I've been going nuts trying to figure this out.
I love cooking Asian food at home and I'm like at least one if my alts gotta " be a Master" at it too...
The game thinks you know them already according to your Armory (assuming you mean on the toon you posted on). I would double check your Cooking window, they will appear after opening each subsection of recipes under the Ways. If you have any profession addons you might want to try switching those off and reloading if you are still not seeing them.

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