Which character archtype do you play?

Wyrmrest Accord
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There is much more to Jadoth than cuddliness, though.
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There is much more to Jadoth than cuddliness, though.

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There is much more to Jadoth than cuddliness, though.

There's hitting me with a motorcycle too!
I suddenly feel like a teddy bear or something.
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I suddenly feel like a teddy bear or something.

Everyone loves Teddy Bears.
Cheq's the "big-guy". The tubby, gruff, tall and strong gentle giant who's nice to many that he meets, so long as they return his level of respect to him. Should they not, he'll treat them equivalently and ignore them. He's also a bodyguard, basically.
Sharkos: Insane do-gooder.

Shaark: Devout protector

Sharkhan: Silly Fool

not sure if doing this right
Jaded, bitter veteran.
Eadrik is the Crusading Do-Gooder. Everything is black and white. Right or wrong. Which is annoying at many times but considering all the combat he's seen the fact that he hasn't succumbed to cynicism is admirable.

Ethik is the drug/alcohol/sex/everything addict and a terrible criminal. Not to mention a coward.

Ethrin is the young man with wanderlust out to make his fortune.

And only now do I realize all my major charactes have E names lol.
Straight up warrior of the simple variety. A black-bearded dwarf, in well-worn high quality plate armor carrying an axe.

Siu is the Student/Wise Drunk

Siu needs a role-model to run his day to day life wether it be to his Teacher or to his leaders.
He is a heavy drinker in his off time.
Stoic Observer

Which is probably the exact opposite of myself, but eh.
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I suddenly feel like a teddy bear or something.

*hugs the Jadoth Bear*

Anywho...on topic.

Lann is curiousity.

She likes to find out things, she likes to listen to other people's private conversations. There is no faster way to get her obsessed than to claim something is a secret. And no surer way to insure that she'll listen in (or try to) than to say "We need to talk in private." or "Excuse us a moment." Even new Shinies can't keep her away. Nor threats of bodily harm...and apparently not even harm.

Lialania my new monk girl...is a bit more hard to pin down to one concept/archetype. But I'd have to go with Protector. She wants nothing more than to make sure that those she cares about are safe. Even if those people seem intent on seeking out trouble.
Tay is a B!tch, plain and simple. Although as of recently shes a big scaredy cat from getting amnesia.
Taldin's pretty much the !@#$%^- mentor/sarcastic guy. He'll take most of the opportunities he can get to degrade you, while at the same time making himself seem vastly superior in every way.

Mind you, if you're one of the people who can get past the initial wave of jerkness, it tends to level out, leaving him to be a (still sarcastic) decent enough guy.
Nes is the nerdy teacher/mentor who likes showing off her fields of expertise. Asking her advice on something she knows well will get your ear talked off.
Aethun is just too good looking for his own good, just like me IRL
The dog you love to hate. =D

Gaz is the runner. I dont mean that he's a sprinter for the gold medal winning Bilgewater Olympic athletics team..I mean that he flee's..

He never stops running from his past, running from the people he's conned and cheated and angered some way. He stays one (or preferably more) steps ahead of the pack and the price he will have to eventually pay for his self obsessed dickery.

"Gazeel, the Goblin who keeps running, never looking back because he dare not, out of fear that someone will be right behind him"

My Pandaren Monk, Shao, I like to call him the sympathetic superior.

He views all the other races in the Horde he's allied with, from Orcs to Forsaken to Blood Elves, as very far below the, what he calls, perfect lifestyle of the Pandaren. Yet he does not do it out of spite, he acts like a teacher would to an idiot child, trying to help him learn yet somehow always coming off as belittling.

He also has the tendency to call Orgrimmar 'Ogramor'...

"They are like children, and all children need are a guiding yet stern hand, a parental figure to teach them right from wrong and make them feel disappointment and shame in their wrong actions.
We Pandaren are that parental figure" - Shao Lo Wanderpaw

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