Which character archtype do you play?

Wyrmrest Accord
Resh is something of a selfish anti-hero

Resh never acts out of altruism, and he delivers untold agony on his victims and enjoys every second of it, and he's the first of his group to initiate combat/kill somebody, but he never really hassles innocents (stronger people tend to have a better reaction when he kills them) unless they make him really angry, and he does have a few people he cares for (even if he wouldn't admit it if you tortured him). But more often than not, the things he does in service to himself wind up aiding innocents as collateral (IE, binding a demon for his own use and saving a town from being tormented by it)
Affable blowhard.
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The dog you love to hate. =D

I dunno, Var, you're pretty luffable.
Shaz is a fisher/trader for the Shatterspear clan. I just can't get into RPing on WoW.
Gogrimm is a war veteran trying to find some sort of redemption and balance. Trying to make up for every little thing he's done wrong... like eating an elf's face. While they were still alive.

Can't really simplify Telrenar, Ormok, or my Pandaren just yet.
Surna would be a "World-Weary Elder" wanting to continue his line somehow

Srina would be the "Lost Child" trying to find something to continue her existence for

Salarinia... maybe a "Redemption of the past" trying to redeem her cowardice in fleeing Quel'Thalas as a ranger?

Tarry is the "Holy Fool" ditsy but offers wisdom in the form of inexperience

Iyaz'fi is the "Bitter Pariah" being an outcast she tries to isolate herself, however finds the need to alienate anyone she encounters for a reason I can't quite nail down.
Dinthoqaf is crazy, nuts, insane. A Cultist.

Vilir (my dk) is a grizzled old war vet.
If I could find the time/grow the balls/actually sit down and create a backstory to RP then I would say Lahkh would be the cynical sister.

Reclusive depressive. That would be this character.

Then I have, uh.
Reclusive schizophrenic. That would be my rogue.

And yeah, my main, who is also a Death Knight, is my sadomasochistic joker who hides a lot (meaning 2) of emotions with humor.

Man I'm generic, LOL but oh wait i doubt anyone even cares hauhefeggkfhgr
(Still learning the ropes of role-playing, so I'm still developing my characters' personalities).

Ideally in my character development, I see Luna as a cynic. She has major trust issues because she's been screwed over by people a few too many times. She normally doesn't warm up to anyone right away, but the more time she spends around them, the more comfortable and relaxed she becomes. She's willing to give people a chance if they prove that they're trustworthy, but until then, she prefers to keep them at arm's length.

However, in her MRP description I have her as being mostly friendly and cheerful unless someone makes her angry or tries to push her around. So the way I describe her and the way I want her to be somewhat contradict eachother. Looks like I need to fix some things.

My Draenei paladin is the matriarchal nurturer/guardian that treats her companions like they're her children and scolds them if they disobey her or put themselves in harm's way. (She will be Holy/Protection once dual talent opens up).

My Night Elf hunter is the calm, rational thinker who's also an idealist. If anything, she desires peace between the Alliance and the Horde, but she reluctantly accepts the gravity of the situation and she takes up arms and vows vengeance against the Horde after they attacked Ashenvale and murdered most of her family.

Still working on them, but that's all I've got for now.
Raine was the innocent child during Cata, but through some personal growth and some events, she's now the protective matron (soon to be reluctant leader), and my pandaren mage Yuu Mei is the curious yet respectful student.

I'm looking forward to seeing how they'll grow in Mists.
This is actually a sort of test I use for myself to see if I have a well-rounded character. If I can remove that archetypical aspect and still recognize the character as a person and not a jumble of weird little attributes, then I feel like I've done a decent job of putting a whole character into the world we share. Granted, it doesn't work across the board, but it's something I try to keep in mind when working on a concept.
Good cop
Bad cop
Andraiel is the Fallen from Grace hero. He is a berserker, avatar of slaughter, an eternal warrior to the point where emotional attachments will eventually not matter

Claudel here fits best under Lost Soul. He was a gentler person once, and rather weak. Undeath brings him strength, but also turmoil, that imbalances his psyche, making him both capable to cackling glee in the middle of battle, blood spraying everywhere, and then a day later, he's able to be a quiet guy who reads books on flowers.

Also, a note. Archtypes are not WHAT your character does, but rather, WHY they do the things they do. This may help for you guys trying to nail down a character.

And...if you can;t describe it in few words, then you don't know enough about the subject. Nail down that sole core piece of your character.
Some sort of romantical stew comprised of 3 parts prim and proper lady, 2 cups of mythical princess, just a dash of goddess, and a heaping helping scoop of guuurrrl power.

Glaze with sweet innocence and season with fairy dust as desired. ~♥
Didn't bother looking at any archetype charts, because I'm lazy like that.

Grease here is a greedy, cowardly glory thief. ICly, he takes credit for other people's accomplishments, believes he's simply the greatest businessman when there's evidence contrary to the belief, and lies through his teeth with every breath.

He has his own dark secrets and hidden agendas though, and while not the best at what he does, he's a formidable invoker of the arcane.

So in other words, he's a tricky, cowardly bastard. A pretty basic gobo archetype IMO, but one that I do so enjoy playing. Not everyone can be the righteous hero - without asshats like Grease, what fun would your conflict be?
Hellscream fan-girl.
Fueled by booze and white hot rage.

Taker of scalps and sunderer of skulls.
Blood and thunder, victory or death.

"Warsong or get out."

Imagine that, right?
Proud, blood hungry orc broad?
The nerve.
This one here was a pleasant little street magician, believe it or not.

Started out a waif. Homeless, barely making a living on turning things into "spiney beasts" for the amusement of others and sleight of hand.

She has, however, steadily devolved from chipper youth to crazed woman.
And traded street magic for arson.

Some Sid's just want to watch the world burn.

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