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With the awesomeness that is MoP and the sadness of seeing players not be able to enjoy this expansion, I'd like to open up a writing contest.

The contest will close on October 13th and the topics are to be chosen from these three topics.

The contest does NOT have to be IC (as it's due on Brewfest) It's simply for fun.

1. Brewfest! Your first interaction with a pandaren during this holiday.
2. Describe the first moment of your character having a moment of moral confliction when they arrived upon Pandaria in story format. Don't leave out details!
3. Your character and the moments leading up to the big boom in Theramore (this can be you hearing of it, being in the precursor events whatever it is. Your characters steps towards 'the big bang')

The winner of the contest will win MoP. I'll of course need an email to send it to you if you could either post it here or if preferred, tell me you would prefer I get it in game. Whichever your preference is. Writing posts go beneath and OOC comments are to be bracketed.

I hope you enjoy and happy writing!
Just so you know, most people already have MoP
A better gift would be, say, one of the pets from the pet store or one of the mounts from the pet store.
(( OOC:

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The contest will close on the 28th, when Brefest begins, and the topics are to be choosen from these three topics.

Time travel hasn't been invented yet, alas! You may wish to choose a new deadline. ))
I know most people have the xpac but this contest is for the few that don't. I know quite a few and some are because finances just do not permit it. This is for those people. ))

(( OOC:

The contest will close on the 28th, when Brefest begins, and the topics are to be choosen from these three topics.

Time travel hasn't been invented yet, alas! You may wish to choose a new deadline. ))

It doesn't have to be taken as IC. It's a purely for fun story. )
She meant Brewfest has already begun. Best move it to the end of Brewfest. :)
(( My point was that it is, at present, the 29th, meaning the submission deadline is already past. ))
OOO! Ok sorry. I'm silly. I updated with a new date. )
Are there any restrictions regarding the story? Like word limit or a story that fits only one post?

Why is the prize so awesome and why do I love you because of it?))
There is no particular limit but it's going to be judged solely on what we have.

And Aw Merik. :) I love this server. Everyone should enjoy this game.
bump for writing!
untitled ( :/ )

‘What are you two talking about over there!? You’re distracting me...’ yelled a figure across the work table and begun to stare at the two, now startled, goblins dressed in dirty robes that have long since lost their original white color. One of the two tried to speak up but only managed to spit out a couple consonants before the other one rose to the challenge.

‘N-Nothing Professor, f-f-forgive our distraction, sir,’ said the goblin while looking at the floor. He then felt a rubbery hand rest on his shoulder and immediately looked up. A tall, lanky figure stood over him, the light reflecting off of his goggles made it look like his eyes were those of one of the giant wasps that were brought over once from Silithus, except this wasn’t the case since this man had no eyes behind his headgear, this man was dead and what passes for eyes amongst his kind are only a pair of small, eerily glowing spheres.

‘Nothing?’ He asked. ‘Surely it must be something if you deemed it important to interrupt me while I was working.’ He looked at the other goblin standing right next to him. ‘Right?’ The goblin stood still, his mouth slightly opened and spat out even more consonants.

‘F-Forgive us s-sir, we were just talking about…about something a friend of ours mentioned to us l-l-last night at a bar in Ogrimmar,’ said the not so-stuttering goblin, he was now sweating a bit. ‘Oh! Just friendly bar conversation that carried on to the next day! Well that’s obviously more interesting than trying to weaponize oysters, please, fill me in on last night’s alcohol-laden chat,’ said The Professor. A rotten grin was plastered all over his face and the grip on the hand that rested on the not so-stuttering goblin grew a little tighter, the wince was audible.

‘W-W-Well sir, our friend talked to us about something his s-sister’s, brother’s, cousin’s boyfriend w-was to be part of a goblin airship with precious cargo for a special mission on d-d-direct orders from The Warchief himself, he sounded like he was pretty proud of hi…’ he was immediately interrupted by The Professor who had now lost his grin and the skin of his brow began to blend together.

‘What did you say?’ The joyful tone in his voice was gone. Instead it now sounded serious and raspy, his decomposed vocal cords could be seen through a hole in his throat and the not-so stuttering goblin thought he saw one snap, like a piece of tense rubber being let go.


‘ANSWER ME! WHAT DID YOUR FRIEND SAY!?’ The grip on the goblin’s shoulder tightened even more and he quickly lost his stutter.

‘Our friend’s sister’s, brother’s, cousin’s boyfriend is supposed to be an airship crewmember carrying something by direct order of The Warchief! That’s all he mentioned! He was drunk! That’s all he said! I swear!”

The grip on his shoulder was gone, the hand that held him hostage was now gently holding up The Professor’s chin while its fingers scratched off small pieces of dry skin. ‘He said nothing else, your friend?’ He asked. ‘Nothing about what might be the cargo his…uh…his boyfriend would be carrying? Or when?’

The stutter was back.

‘N-No sir.’ Said the not so-stuttering goblin.

‘I…I can’t believe they got it to work…’ The Professor said to himself out loud, both goblins too busy thinking what might he have them do because of interrupting him to even notice what he was now speaking to himself.

‘I said it wouldn’t work unless they had some sort of amplifier…no…that’s stupid why would…oh my,’ he continued. ‘This can’t be a coincidence…They got it to work. They got it to work! IT’S A STUPID IDEA BUT THEY MANAGED TO GET IT TO WORK!’ He was now yelling.

‘P-Professor…?’ said one of the goblins, The Professor was too busy to even notice which one. He was wrapped in his own thoughts and saying them out loud. He stopped for a moment to address both goblins.

‘I need you two to leave at once and prep the Holoviewer…wait, scratch that, I haven’t even invented it much less named it like that. What a stupid name. In 10 minutes come back here and take Jeeves with you. You are to take him to the launch pad and send him to these coordinates,’ he quickly wrote something down on a ripped piece of paper. ‘What are you two still doing here? GO!’
Both of them quickly ran out of the room, into the hallway and straight out the exit. Once outside, the one that could only spit out letters began to vomit while the other one was trying to catch his breath.

‘Whaddya ‘spose that was all ‘bout?’

‘I ‘unno but his sudden interest in what that idiot Copperfuse told us creeped me out.’

‘ Yeah, s’not like e’rything else don’ creep out.’

They tried to laugh but went back to puking and trying to catching their breath.

Exactly 10 minutes later, they were hauling the heavy robot known simply as “Jeeves” to the launch pad, refueled it, typed in the coordinates unto its onboard navigating gizmo and watched it fly off. ‘Whereddya ‘spose it’s goin’?’ asked one of them. ‘ I ‘unno but it’s goin’ south and the screen had some words blinkin’, said something like “Reach destination, await further instructions, record everything,” or something like that. Tell you this though, don’t think it’ll jus’ go to one spot…” Then they looked at each other, shrugged and called it a day.

They didn’t worry about what The Professor might say, he had locked himself inside the main lab and posted a big DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door.

Two days later, Jeeves came back. Its arrival was obvious as it crashed directly on top of the main lab. Everyone at The Secret Lab was running around screaming, except for two goblins who headed in the opposite direction. ‘Why we doin’ this again?!’ Asked one of them. ‘I kept thinkin’ ‘bout those blinkin’ words I told ya, I wanna know whatssup with that!’ Yelled back the other one. They made it to the door of the main lab but found it still locked; they masked their curiosity as false concern. One of them knocked on the door.

‘Yes, what is it?’ The Professor’s voice came from the other side, calm and collected.

‘Excuse us, but we saw something crash on top of the main lab and we thought…’ He was interrupted.

‘Your concern is noted but unnecessary, wait out there and I’ll call you when needed.’

After a couple hours, the door opened and The Professor walked out. Both goblins looked at each other and thought he would ignore them when The Professor stopped, turned around and stared at them. ‘You there, the short one, I need you to come with me to Ogrimmar and go charter a private zeppelin, tell the pilot I need to go to the swamp,” and they both walked away. The curious goblin saw them walk out of the building, turned around and noticed that the door to the main lab was open. ‘I don’ think a small peek would hurt.’ He said to himself.

He walked in the lab and the first thing he noticed was the big hole on the roof, there were pipes everywhere shooting steam or spewing strangely colored liquids, debris covered the floor and some equally curious birds were peaking through the ceiling hole. He reached the work table and saw that Jeeves’ head had been removed and placed on top of a weird looking platform with a big red button at the base of it which said “PLAY”. ‘Welp, I’ve come this far right?’ and pressed the button.

Immediately Jeeves’ eyes lit up and a small screen was being projected just a few inches away from the goblin’s face. ‘GREETINGS PROFESSOR, AS REQUESTED, I ARRIVED AT THE SET COORDINATES AND STARTED TO RECORD AS PROGRAMMED TO DO SO,’ as the robot said this, images started to appear on the screen. The goblin couldn’t quite make out some of the images, he thought one looked like a dragon but recognized a couple of other things that looked like banners belonging to different factions of The Horde. This was an army he was looking at. ‘AWAITED FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS AND THEN PROCEEDED TO MAP GRID MARK M-6 AND BEGUN RECORDING PROGRAM AGAIN,’ the images then shifted to what looked like a castle in the middle of a swamp, a couple of blurred zoomed in shots of what looked like people fighting, one image showed a broken gate and then a couple showed people retreating and then the images returned to just showing the castle in the swamp.
‘*zzzt* ERROR *zzzt* SUDDEN ENERGY DISCHARGE HAS CAUSED CORRUPTION OF DATA, AUDIO ONLY.’ The screen faded away but a sudden loud whirling sound came from Jeeves’ mouth causing the curious birds to fly away scared, he recognized the sound as an engine turbine for a goblin airship. He then heard the sound of cannon fire and roaring. ‘*zzzt* WARNING *zzzt* ENERGY INPUT REACHING CRITICAL LEVELS, RETURN TO BASE IMMEDIATELY.’ The last sound to come out of the robot’s mouth, before the noise of feedback drowned it out, was that of a tremendous explosion; The evidence of which could be seen on the chassis of the robot: Several spots where the metal plates were fused with each other, almost as if welded together, a couple dents and a strange purple gas that was coming from in between some of the metal joints.

After Jeeves shut itself off, some whimpering could be heard in the back.

It was coming from one of the test subject cages.

The goblin approached the cage with care and saw that it was a skinny human male that was quietly sobbing while in the fetal position. ‘ You’s there! Whatcha cryin’ ‘bout ehh?’ the goblin yelled. The human didn’t respond. ‘Hey! I’m talkin’ to ya!’ he said, now rattling the bars with a piece of a pipe he found on the floor. ‘Answer me!’

He didn’t see it coming.

The human lept and grabbed the goblin by the neck flaps of his robe. He slammed him against the cage bars and put his face right up to the goblin’s and began to yell ‘YOU MONSTERS! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT!? COWARDS! COWARDLY BEASTS! HOW COULD YOU!? HOW!?’ Spit landed on the goblin’s face, he saw the red in the human’s eyes and saw pure unbridled rage. He was lucky that at that moment the neck flap the human was holding on to was ripped and caused him to be sent tumbling backwards into the wall.


And he wasn’t the only one screaming now, nearly half of the cages now had people screaming at him, they all called him a monster, they all wanted his blood and had there not been metal bars in between him and them, he would’ve surely died.

The curious goblin stepped out of the lab, the screams still echoed in his brain.

One of the trolls that worked at the lab saw the goblin. ‘Eh mon, what happen to you? You look like you seen the spirits come back to haunt you!’ The troll laughed but stopped when he saw the blank stare in the goblin’s eyes. ‘Eh, what be the matter little one? What that noise?’

The screams still echoed in his brain as they echoed through the halls of The Secret Lab.
You'll probably notice I have trouble with my tenses.

Also, that last line seems a bit too much me thinks.
OOC: [[ I don't have MoP yet but I really want it! I think it's an awesome idea and I will get started writing immediately :) ]]
Awesome! A submission! This also serves for a bump! )
I will be adding an entry shortly, but just to make sure, there's no limit on how long the entire story is, yea?

I will try not to novel you regardless. >.>
I will be adding an entry shortly, but just to make sure, there's no limit on how long the entire story is, yea?

I will try not to novel you regardless. >.>

But you already have Mop!

I hate you

Call me.))
There is no limit. :) )
Bamp for writing.

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