Grid: Incoming Heals and Holy Radiance

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Just a quick question, is it normal that Holy Radiance doesn't trigger an indicator for incoming heals when using Grid? I've been running with a few random groups and it hasn't showed up either as a text indicator for how much the heal will be (or who will be healed), or an indicator in the health bar overlay (the one that shows how much damage will be healed by greying out a portion of the damage taken). If so, is there anything I can do to make it show up?

Also, I noticed there are a few Grid plugins that show who the best target is for AoE heals (such as GridStatusPriestAoe and GridStatusSmartHealing), is there one that works well with Holy Radiance?
Grid on its own does not show this. You need a plugin to show it.
I'd use
and set range to 10 yards and since it's circular and cast on target, it's pretty simple to set up.

The above is to give you the best target to cast it on for max healing. If you just want to track who HR is healing after you cast it, use
which should mark the players that are getting healed by it.

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