Level 90 Holy Shock damage

I'm confused, hit 90 last night, threw on some pvp gear and went to collect some pets. Down in the vale I noticed my holy shock was only hitting for 15k, 30k on a crit...what? That's Cata damage. The tool tip says it is suppose to do 30k damage, is something messed up?
Tooltip wasn't updated after the hotfix.
Didn't they say they just changed coefficients around so that it did less damage at a lower level, but 90 damage should remain unchanged? If that's the case then I should be doing the damage the tool tip is telling me regardless.
No, it is less damage at all levels and they changed it multiple times. Shock isn't supposed to be your major or exclusive source of damage.
The healing is still good tho!!
On mobs mine crits for 90k. :I
09/30/2012 11:18 PMPosted by Bubs
On mobs mine crits for 90k. :I

That's quite shocking.

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