Warlock PvP Professions?

Hi there. I'm looking to do some PvP this expansion, and want to level 2 professions that will benefit me in a PvP environment. I basically plan on doing Arenas and RBG's with most my time, so I would prefer 2 professions that would benefit from those 2 aspects of PvP. What do you guys and gals recommend?

Engineering and pretty much anything.
blacksmithing + jc.
09/30/2012 05:51 AMPosted by Xolid
Engineering and pretty much anything.

09/30/2012 06:39 AMPosted by Beijaflor
blacksmithing + jc.

Can either of you guys explain your reasoning?
Engineering is excellent for world- and non-rated play. It gives you all sorts of little upper hands in amost encounters. I took enchanting because of the flat stat bonus to rings, and to make it easy and cheap to enchant my own gear.

JC + BS gives the most flat stat increase because of additional sockets and JC only gems. You can add *any* stat you want, rather that the proscribed primary stats. Want to stack PVP Power or Defense rather than Intellect? JC+BS is the name of the game.

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