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The intent of this guide is to help new players understand what raiding is and to ease the transition between dungeons and raids. If you need any clarification on something, feel free to post below.

Table of Contents
I. Table of Contents
II. What is a raid & is raiding right for me?
III. Raid Technical Information
IV. Raiding Attitude and Choosing a Guild
V. Understand your Role/Class & Understanding Encounters
VI. How to obtain gear
VII. Come Prepared & VOIP (Voice Chat)
IX. Addons and Resources
X. Flex Raiding
What is a raid?

A raid is a PvE (Player versus Environment) instance. Most raids (post Burning Crusade) either have a 10 player setting or a 25 player setting. Raids are similar to dungeons except on a larger scale. They generally have more difficult and complex mechanics. Raids are a major aspect of the World of Warcraft endgame. There are many reasons players participate in raids. This can vary from achievements, gear, mounts, and more.

Is raiding right for me?

There's something for everyone in this game. While raiding may be a major aspect of World of Warcraft, it might not be something you're interested in. You might not be able to make the commitment. You might not like PvE. You might not like voice chat chatter. It's not a big deal. The question is ; is it right for you?

First, let's talk about raiding & raiding guilds as a whole. Raiding and guilds which raid are usually described in different ways.

There are casual raiding guilds, semi-hardcore raiding guilds, and hardcore raiding guilds. Each type generally has some sort of intention with raiding. Casual raiding guilds may just raid here and there for the fun of it. It's mainly for the experience if anything. Semi-hardcore guilds are guilds that aim to get some sort of progression and take raiding a bit more seriously than casual guilds. However, they're less serious than hardcore raiding guilds. Hardcore raiding guilds normally take raiding very seriously and do what they can get to get bosses down as fast as possible.

*There are also players who raid by recruiting players via public channel. Raids that are formed like this are known as 'PUGs' or pick up groups.

Of course, you can't completely attach a generalization to a guild because of all the variables and the such. Still, for the most part, the above holds true. They all have one thing in common though. They raid because they think raiding is fun. That's enough about guilds though. Let's talk about the commitment you'll have to make.

When raiding, you'll have to make some sort of time commitment. For example, some guilds may raid once every Saturday at 8PM. Others may raid 2-3 days w/ 2-3 hours per day. Most guilds prefer that their active raiders have some sort of commitment and show up. Even though you might not want to raid with a guild and would prefer to raid with pugs, you'll still need to make some sort of commitment. It may take a few hours to clear an instance and it's best if you're able to stick through the entire run instead of having to drop halfway through because your favorite episode of Spongebob came on.

Some raiding guilds also have rules and attendance policies. These rules and policies vary depending on the guild. An example of them are listed below :
Ex : Req - 18 years old, 80% attendance, not allowed to troll trade, not allowed to harrass people.

Most of these only apply to raiding guilds. For pugs (which stands for pick up group), the only thing that you'll need to know is that there will be different loot rules for some runs. If you've run instances before, you may be accustomed to the Need Before Greed loot system. In pug raids, the most common form of loot rules is Master Looter. This allows one player (the Master Looter) to control loot. When loot drops, the Master Looter then has access to the loot and can distribute it throughout the raid. They'll distribute it their own way in accordance to their own loot rules (ex : MS > OS).

*When running with a pug with the loot rules set to Master Looter, have the Master Looter state specific loot rules otherwise the Master Looter can do whatever he or she wishes with the loot with zero repercussions.*

Raiding guild loot rules can be more complex. There are different versions of loot rules that some guilds abide by. There's DKP, EPGP, and more. These are explained below in the resources section.

Do note that while raiding guilds and pugs may have complex loot rules, not all of them use them. Some may simply use Need Before Greed or Master Looter. Raid Finder & Mists World Bosses have their own set of loot rules. This is explained in-depth below in the resources section. The basic gist of it is that the players can win loot independent of other players. You don't roll on loot. The game rolls on loot and decides that you get loot or you get gold.
Raid Technical Information

Raids are set in Tiers. Raids are labeled in Tiers based on when they came out.

Tiers & Raids

Tier 1 - Molten Core
Tier 2 - Blackwing Lair
Tier 2.5 - Temple of Ahn'Qiraj
Tier 3 - Naxxramas (Tier 3 version is no longer available. The raid was converted to the Tier 7 version for level 80s.)
Tier 4 - Karazhan, Gruul's Lair, Magtheridon's Lair
Tier 5 - Serpentshrine Cavern, Tempest Keep
Tier 6 - Battle for Mount Hyjal, Black Temple
Tier 6.5 - Sunwell Plateau
Tier 7 - Eye of Eternity, Naxxramas, Obsidian Sanctum
Tier 8 - Ulduar
Tier 9 - Trial of The Crusader (Onyxia's Lair as an additional raid)
Tier 10 - Icecrown Citadel (Ruby Sanctum as an additional raid)
*Vault of Archavon (Tier 7-Tier 10)*
Tier 11 - Bastion of Twilight, Blackwing Descent, Throne of Four Winds
Tier 12 - Firelands
Tier 13 - Dragon Soul
*Baradin Hold (Tier 11-Tier 13)*
Tier 14 - Heart of Fear, Mogu'shan Vaults, Terrace of the Endless Springs
Tier 15 - Throne of Thunder
Tier 16 - Siege of Orgimmar

Most players actively participate in raids because of the gear they drop. The current content raid, which basically means the newest raid, drops gear which has better stats and a higher item level in comparison to dungeons. Gear that drops from bosses in raid instances have varying item levels depending on what raid instance they're from.

Item levels vary depending on the instance.

Classic (Tier 1-2.5) - 60-84
Burning Crusade (Tier 4-6) - 115-159.
Wrath (Tier 7-10) - 200-284.
Cataclysm (Tier 11-13) - 359-416.
Mists of Pandaria (Tier 14-16) - 476-574.

Gear upgrades aren't the only reason players run raids. Players run raids for achievements, the experience, mounts, and gear for transmogrification (which allows you to change the appearance of your gear).

Most raids past Ulduar have 4 difficulties. These are as follows :
10 Player Normal (10N), 10 Player Heroic (10H), 25 Player Normal (25N), 25 Player Heroic (25H)

Prior to Trial of the Crusader (Tier 9), there are only two raid difficulties. The raids are 10 Player Normal & 25 Player Normal. Prior to Naxxramas (Tier 7), there are two types of raids. Raids are either 10 Player Normal or 25 Player Normal. In Classic, most raids were 40 man raids (Blackwing Lair, Molten Core, and Temple of Ahn'Qiraj).

Raid Finder was implemented in Patch 4.3. Similar to Dungeon Finder, you're able to queue up for raid instances. For Raid Finder, you simply open up the Raid Finder menu (Ctrl -I) and enter the queue. Raid Finder is also a new raid difficulty. Raid Finder is a simplified 25M version of the raid. Raid Finder has some varying item level requirements and level requirements. Raid Finder is available for two raids at this time. There's Dragon Soul & Mogu'shan Vaults. Mogu'shan Vaults is the newest raid so the bosses will drop gear with a higher item level. Heart of Fear & Terrace of the Endless Springs will be available on Raid Finder soon. To queue up for Dragon Soul on the Raid Finder difficulty, you'll need to be level 85 with an item level of 372. For Tier 14/15 raids like Mogu'shan Vaults, Heart of Fear, Terrace of the Endless Springs, and Throne of Thunder, you'll have to be level 90 to queue up. To queue up for Mogu'shan Vaults, your item level must be at least 460. For Heart of Fear & Terrace, your item level must be at least 470 before you can queue up. For Throne of Thunder, your item level must be at least 480 before you can queue up. For the latest raid, Siege of Orgimmar, your item level must be at least 496 before you can queue up.

Raids also have a weekly lockout. Once you complete a raid, the raid will not reset until the following Tuesday. For example, if I kill all the bosses in a raid, I'll have to wait until the following Tuesday (next week) for the raids to reset and allow me to kill all the bosses again. Also, normal and heroic both share a lockout. If I clear a raid on its normal difficulty, I'll have to wait until the following week to clear it on its heroic difficulty & vice versa.

Raid Finder is an exception to raid lockouts. When you clear a raid on Raid Finder for the first time that week, you're "locked" but not in the same sense as normal & heroic raids. You're unable to obtain gear if you try to do the raid again through Raid Finder but you're able to run it as many times as you want. When you clear an instance in Raid Finder, you're unable to obtain loot if you run it again until raids reset on Tuesday. Do note that getting locked to raid finder will not lock you to the normal or heroic version of the instance.
Raiding Attitude and Choosing a Guild

By this, I mean what sort of attitude you should bring to Raids. There's a stereotype in which players tend to think that Raiders sit around, wiping to bosses, blaming each other and hating each other while attempting to get bosses down. In most Guilds, that's not the case. Using my guild as an example, it's encouraged to come to Raid in a happy mood and to enjoy the raid as much as possible while progressing through content. We encourage our Raiders to be social and crack jokes while we work on each and every boss. However, we also get serious when it gets to actually attempting bosses. Our Raid Leader pops a readycheck and it's expected that Mumble (our voice chat) goes quiet. The reasoning for this is so our players can concentrate on the mechanics and not mess up.

The raiding attitude that can lead to thorough enjoyment of content, in my opinion, is a healthy mix of fun and seriousness.

One thing you need to prepare yourself for, as a raider, is wipes. It's something not many people are accustomed to outside of Raiding but it's a part of the entire concept of Raids.

(You might even be the cause of the wipe!)
Don't get disheartened though because it's part of progression. After you finally get that boss down, it'll only feel sweeter because of the wipes prior. :)

I'd also like to talk about whom you raid with. This doesn't apply to PUGs as much as much as it applies to organized runs or guild runs. Many of us play World of Warcraft as a past-time or a game in which we want to enjoy ourselves. One tip I can give current raiders and future raiders is to make sure you pick a Raiding Guild carefully. That is, try to find a Guild that's active outside of raids and feels like a community.

"Why should I care about that if I'm not interested in the game past raiding?"

If you immerse yourself in a community, you may feel like you're a part of something. It makes the game that much sweeter and each boss kill you get together feels that much better. Also, Guilds that feel like communities are known to be more stable and you wont have to worry about 'drama' shattering the Guild. Plus, if you're ever online other than raid nights, you'll have things to do. The burn out might not hit as fast.
Understand your Role/Class

A major aspect of Raiding is performing well enough for your group to prevail against each encounter. As a player, you'll want to make sure that you're contributing to your raid. Your performance has a direct correlation with how well you understand your specific role or your class. There are quite a few resources out there that you can use to obtain this information.
This is linked below in the Resources Section.

Currently, there are 11 classes in-game. They're classified as either Hybrids or Pures. Hybrids are classes that can DPS/Tank/or Heal depending on their specialization. Pures are classes that can only DPS.


Death Knight - Blood (Tank), Frost (Melee DPS), Unholy (Melee DPS)
Druid - Feral (Melee DPS), Guardian (Tank), Restoration (Healer), Balance (Ranged DPS)
Monk - Brewmaster (Tank), Mistweaver (Healer), Windwalker (Melee DPS)
Paladin - Protection (Tank), Holy (Healer), Retribution (Melee DPS)
Priest - Discipline (Healer), Holy (Healer), Shadow (Ranged DPS)
Shaman - Enhancement (Melee DPS), Elemental (Ranged DPS), Restoration (Healer)
Warriors - Protection (Tank), Arms (Melee DPS), Fury (Melee DPS)


Hunter (Ranged - Beast Mastery, Marksman, Survival
Mage (Ranged) - Arcane, Fire, Frost
Rogue (Melee) - Assassination, Combat, Subtlety
Warlock (Ranged) - Affliction, Demonology, Destruction

As a Raider, it's recommended but not necessary to understand how all 3 specializations of your class work. This includes how to reforge, how to enchant, and how to gem each specialization. Some fights favor different specs, so knowing how your other specs work can help you be a more well-rounded raider on the team. It’s not required by any means, but from a raid leader’s perspective a flexible raider is a good asset. Also, each patch can yield to another specialization reigning dominant in your class. If you're a Pure DPS, you'll want to know how to play other specializations in case yours becomes a little lackluster.

Understanding Encounters

As a raider, it's expected to have some vague understanding of each and every encounter you're planning on doing. The reasoning behind this is that the better you understand how an encounter works, the less a raid group will wipe. A raider's understanding of an encounter is vital to a raids success.

Blizzard has implemented two tools that can help raiders understand how each encounter works ; the Dungeon Journal & the Raid Finder tool. The Dungeon Journal describes each ability that a boss may have, what effect it has on the raider, how much damage it will do (if it does damage), and more. Raid Finder is the easiest difficulty of a raid. Only raids post Dragon Soul (T13) have it. Raid Finder allows you to have access to the bosses on their easiest difficulty and can be used to better understand encounters.

There are also guides that are available online on sites like
There are also many videos on Youtube where players explain how to do specific fights.
How to obtain gear

You finally achieve level 90. The endgame is upon you. You decide that you want to try raiding. But wait! Your gear isn't up to par. Have no fear. There are a few different methods to gearing up. Here's what you can do.

1 - Questing (372-430+) & Normal dungeons. (410-450)
While leveling to 90, you'll receive gear from a bunch of different sources. For the most part, you'll obtain gear as a quest reward & gear from instances that you queue up for while leveling. This should get you to around an item level of 440-450.

2 - Justice Point Gear (458/489/496)
Justice Point Gear is available for purchase at a factions respective quartermaster. There's a Justice Point vendor at the Temple of Niuzao in Townlong Steppes who has the Justice gear for all the vendors. The vendors name is Commander Lo Peng and Commander Oxheart.

3 - Heroic dungeons & Scenarios (463/476)
To queue up for Heroics, you must have an item level of 435. Heroics drop gear with an item level of 463. Every single one of them, with the exception of Mogu'shan Palace, also has one purple 476 that has a very low drop-rate off one of the bosses. Run these for a bit and you should gear up quite nicely. You can also queue up for Scenarios which have a chance at rewarding 450, 463 gear or 476 gear. The difference between a Scenario & a Heroic is that there's no prerequisite for running Scenarios other than being level 90.

4 - Valor Point Gear (522)
Valor Gear is purchasable from the Shado-Pan Assault. The requirements for the Valor gear varies.

lThe gear available has an ilvl of 522, onpar with the normal drops in Throne of Thunder. In addition, you can only earn reputation with the Shado-Pan Assault in the Throne of Thunder raid. You can earn the reputation in LFR, Normal, and Heroic. The reputation can only be earned once a week from each boss. At friendly, you can purchase all valor gear from the Shado-Pan Assault. The only exception are shoulders which are purchasable with gold at exalted.

There's also a daily faction called the Kirin Tor Offensive/Sunreaver Onslaught. These two factions have VP gear available at Exalted but they have an ilvl of 496.

5 - Raid Finder (476/483/502/528)
Raid Finder : Mogu'shan Vaults, Heart of Fear, and Terrace of the Endless Springs will all be available in Raid Finder. Mogu'shan Vaults RF will drop 476 gear whereas Heart of Fear & Terrace of the Endless Springs will drop 483 gear. Throne of Thunder requires an ilvl of 480 and drops gear with an ilvl of 502. Siege of Orgimmar requires an ilvl of 496 and drops gear with an ilvl of 528.

6 - Item Upgrades
With Patch 5.1 came a new feature called Item Upgrades.
Basically, you can upgrade your gear as long as it has an item level of 458. To upgrade your gear, you have to use specific currency. For rare quality PvE gear, you can spend 750 justice points to upgrade the piece once by 8 item levels. For epic quality PvE gear, you can spend 250 valor points to upgrade the piece once by 4 item levels up to two times.

7 - World Bosses

There will be eight world bosses in 5.4, Sha of Anger, Galleon, Nalak, Oondasta, the Celestials, and Ordos. They each work off the LFR loot system where you have a chance at winning loot. They also function with a "faction tag" where anyone on your faction can win loot as long as they hit the boss.

Sha of Anger has a chance at awarding 483/496 gear. Galleon has a chance at awarding 496 gear. Nalak has a chance at awarding 496/522 gear. Oondasta has a chance to award 522 gear. The August Celestials have a chance to award 522/551 gear. Ordos, the legendary quest boss, has a chance at awarding 559 gear.

There's some great information posted on wowhead to help you through the gearing process.
Pre-Raid Gear Guide -
PvE Gear Guide -

8. Timeless Isle

The Timeless Isle is the catch-up mechanism introduced with patch 5.4 for gearing. It's an extremely quick method of obtaining ilvl 496 & ilvl 535 gear with randomized stats. On this isle, you'll find a plethora of elites, rares, treasure chests, and even world bosses. While on this isle, through various means, you'll be able to obtain timeless tokens which can be used to create spec-appropriate ilvl 496 pieces of gear (e.g. Timeless Cloth Helm).

There's a lot more information here.
Come Prepared

As a raider, you should come prepared for a raid. Depending on how serious of a raider you are or are planning on being, this includes food, feasts, cauldrons, potions, elixirs, and dust for talent swaps.

However, coming prepared doesn't only include materials for the raid. You should also make sure that you're properly gemmed, enchanted, and reforged properly.
Make sure your gear has been fully repaired as well. This is vital as you don't want your gear to break mid-fight.

If your gear has a socket and you're wanting to raid, you should place a gem in it. While it may not seem like much, the stats gems provide can really add up. Fully gemming your gear can significantly improve your overall performance and that's something you always want to improve. similar to gemming, enchants, regardless of how minute they seem to be, can have a significant impact on your performance.

With full enchants, your DPS could easily increase by 5-10K depending on your class. Or as a Healer, it could improve how much healing you you can. As a Tank, it can help out with generating threat & survivability.

Reforging is a bit more complex. It's used to help min & max your stats. It's quite useful in ensuring that you're hit capped, at a certain haste plateau (Healers/DPS), or prioritizing your stats correctly (Crit > Haste?). Push to your characters maximum potential and squeeze every ounce you can out of your toon.

There's specific information on gems, enchants, and reforging on class guides which are available on Icy Veins, Noxxic, and the World of Warcraft class forums.

Professions are also on this list. They generally aren't something most raiders are worried about but they can help improve your overall performance just like gems & enchants.
Profession stat bonuses

Alchemy - Longer Flask Duration and Enhancement Flasks. There's also a decent trinket.
Blacksmithing - Two extra Gem Sockets.
Enchanting - Two Ring enchants.
Engineering - Several 'toys' that can benefit raiding including speed boosts, massive stat procs on gloves, and artificial bubbles. The tinkers you put on belts can also back-fire, so keep that in mind. You can craft a 476 helmet & 450 trinket as well. Out of Combat utility includes repair bots, vendors, and a portable mailbox. Engineers can be very useful to a raid.
Herbalism - On use Haste ability.
Inscription - Stronger shoulder enchants.
Jewelcrafting - Three stronger Gems.
Leatherworking - Stronger bracer enchant and cheaper leg enchants.
Mining - Stamina stat bonus.
Skinning - Critical Strike stat bonus.
Tailoring - Cloak enchants that can proc and cheaper leg enchants.
These aren't necessary, as I stated, but high-end raiding guilds most likely wont take players who don't have them.

Voice over IP programs (Voice Chat)

You may have heard tell of Voice over IP (VoIP) programs. These are actively used in most raiding guilds and pugs. Whether they're required or not is entirely dependent on who's the raid lead. Some raid leads require VoIP to ease communication between the raid team. The argument is that you're able to get a message out to players through voice chat far faster than if you were to type it out. Being able to ease communication between players helps keep the run organized. ((It also can make runs a bit more entertaining. Jokes on vent, anyone?))
Now, I'm not going to say you NEED VoIP's to succeed. It's entirely possible to be successful in raids without the use of voice chat. It simply requires a willing raid lead & a raid composed of members who know what they're doing. The fact of the matter is that VoIP isn't necessary for success in the raiding scene but it can make a raid far easier to run.

Some of the more commonly used VoIP programs include Mumble, Teamspeak, and Ventrilo.
Q1 If a raid is a 10/25/40 player raid, do I need that many players to raid it?

A1 No. The 10/25/40 player bit is simply a limit of how many players can be in an instance at one time. Current content will most likely take a full group of players to run it. Most 'old content' raids are able to be completed with less players though.

Q2 What level can I start raiding at?

A2 Technically, you can enter classic raids at level 50. However, most end-game players aren't willing to carry low level players in old raids. It's best to wait until level cap before attempting any raids. You'll find more players to commit to raids at the endgame.

Q3 You mentioned that you should gem, enchant, reforge, and have professions before raiding. Is that mandatory?

A3 You should take care of your gear. Taking care of your gear involves gemming it,
enchanting it, and reforging it. If you want to raid, you'll want to do so. Professions aren't required but they help with their respective stat bonuses. It's a plus to have one leveled.

Q4 How do I find a guild to join?

A4 There are many different places you can check. Some guilds advertise that they're recruiting in public channels like trade. Others post on their realm forums. There are quite a few who post on the guild recruitment forums as well. If you're looking for a guild on your realm, stick to browsing trade & your realm forums. If you're open for options & are willing to character transfer or faction change, browse all 3.

Q5 Some guilds have an application process. I don't want the game to be a job. What should I do?

A5 Don't apply. Guilds have a varying level of "seriousness". If you don't feel comfortable applying to a guild, look for one without an application process. Their guild, their rules.

Q6 Gemming/Enchanting/Reforging is expensive! What should I do?

A6 Leveling to 90 should've racked in a good 10-15K gold. If you've already spend that gold on something and need more, don't worry. There are many methods you can utilize to make gold in Mists. You can complete daily quests, gather materials, and more. There are guides that are specifically aimed at players who need help making gold.

Q7 You mentioned that raids and dungeons are different. How so?

A7 Raids are, for the most part, larger than dungeons. Raids also have more complex mechanics. Most raids take a longer time to complete than instances. Some raids require communication between members via raid/voice chat. Raid lockouts also work in a different manner than dungeon lockouts (e.g. raid lockouts expire every Tuesday unless extended).

Q8 Help! I can't queue for LFR! What's wrong?

A8 There are item level requirements for LFR. For the two Mogu'shan Vaults raids, you'll need an ilvl of 460. For Heart of Fear & Terrace of the Endless Springs, you'll need an item level of 470. For Throne of Thunder, you'll need an ilvl of 480. For Siege of Orgimmar, you'll need an ilvl of 496.

Addons aren't always a necessity but they sure do help. There are quite a few that can help improve performance while raiding.
The addons listed below are just examples. You don't need to use them. There are tons of different addons out there.
You can find addons at &

Boss Encounter Addon

Deadly Boss Mods -
Bigwigs -

Combat Log Tracker

*Skada -
*Recount -

Other Addons

Omen threat meter -
Grid/Grid2 - Replaces Blizzard Raid Frames.
Grid -
Grid 2 -
Bartender - To adjust your bars and their placement.
Power Auras - This is useful in order to track important buffs.
Fortexorcist - Tracks anything with cooldowns & more.
GTFO - Makes sounds when you're standing in something that damages you.

*Skada and Recount are both useful to track not only how well you're performing and how well other players are performing. It shouldn't be used as a tool to show off but rather a useful tool which can be used on improving your own play and studying fellow raiders play. Remember that there's more to it than just the DPS frame. There are absorbs/CC/Interrupts/CC Breakers/Dispels and more to Recount and Skada.


* = marked due to advanced nature. I wouldn't recommend looking into these sources until you feel more comfortable in the raiding scene.

Class Information

Direct link to all class forums -
Source for basics of a specialization -
Another useful source for understanding specific specializations -
*More in-depth theorycrafting -

Encounter Guides
Dungeons and Raids forums -
MMO-Champ Dungeons and Raids -

Other useful Links

Realm forums -
Guild Recruitment -
Raid Lockouts explained -
Mists LFR Looting explained -

Helpful Sites (WOW news and raid strategies) (WOW news & database) (Used to help pinpoint reforges) (Download addons from here) (Download addons from here) (tracks raid rankings for world, US/EU/KR, and realm)
** (Tracks combat logs similar to recount/skada) (World of Warcraft encyclopedia)

Ventrilo and Mumble download

*Elitistjerks is a more advanced site dedicated to understanding how to min and max your character. This allows you to perform to the best of your character's potential. However, it tends to be overwhelming for players who are first entering the raiding scene. I wouldn't recommend checking it out until you're more comfortable with your specialization and raiding as a whole.*

***Worldoflogs can be an extremely difficult site to utilize for a newcomer. Most of the information you'll need can be checked through a Combat Log AddOn such as Recount or Skada. Once you're at a more advanced level, you can start using Worldoflogs but make sure to read guides on how it works and how to read it.**
Flex Raiding

Flex raiding was introduced with patch 5.4 in Mists of Pandaria. It's main intention was for groups of players who couldn't always attempt normals because they didn't have a steady group. Flex is an easier raid difficulty than normal but harder than raid finder and drops gear that's a higher ilvl than raid finder. The raid itself scales with the number of players in the raid group. You can have between 10-25 players in the raid. That means if a player have 11, 14, or 23 other people available for a Raid, they'll all be able to participate, and the enemies will scale dynamically.

Flex uses the same personal loot system in raid finder. It also has a separate lockout from raid finder and normal/heroic. Currently, the only raid flex supports is Siege of Orgimmar, though it's split into four wings.
Only change I'd make is to clarify that the LFR gear lockout does not affect your ability to get gear from normal/heroic instance of the same raid.
09/30/2012 12:38 PMPosted by Honorata
Only change I'd make is to clarify that the LFR gear lockout does not affect your ability to get gear from normal/heroic instance of the same raid.

Edited. Thanks. :D
Over all a great guide, I would just like to point out one thing

09/30/2012 11:44 AMPosted by Novalas
When loot drops, the Master Looter then has access to the loot and can distribute it throughout the raid. They'll distribute it their own way in accordance to their own loot rules (ex : MS > OS)

When running with a pug on Master Looter set specific rules otherwise the Master Looter can do whatever he or she wishes with the loot with zero repercussions. MS>OS is not clearly defined loot rules.

You will be able to roll 1-100 on any gear that has your primary stat in the role you came to the raid with, provided the gear is of the highest armor proficiency you are able to wear. The highest roll out of that 1-100 /roll will be the winner and awarded loot.

Any non gear items such as mounts, or crafting items that drop are available for anyone that does not have the mount or has a profession that can make use of the item.

are specific rules, and under these circumstances blizzard will investigate scammers
Thank you Jilixx. :D
I added a little note underneath that bit.
Told you you wouldnt be totally ripped a new one, Nova :)
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Told you you wouldnt be totally ripped a new one, Nova :)

I told him that too ;p

Great guide Nova! Thank you!

♥ Aune
Might consider reinforcing that raids are generally done at endgame, mainly to specify that just because they're first available at 50 doesn't mean players will find an active community of people who run older raids, or that they'll be listed in LFR. Perhaps in the Technical Information section, and/or elaborating in the FAQ, or maybe just at the beginning.

I liked it, a very thorough overview of what raiding's about and how to learn more about it :)
09/30/2012 06:34 PMPosted by Sandse
Told you you wouldnt be totally ripped a new one, Nova :)

I think he was mostly scared of me finding the thread, but since I helped edit it pre-posting I have nothing but praise for it :D

Besides, I can't imagine Sandse getting violent with anything in the first place. Sorry sugar, but you're just not scary! <333
"I am sticking to my boundaries of experience, research, and logic in writing this
guide - as a human being, I am subject to being utterly wrong at any time.
If you disagree with what I say, then enlighten me as a player to what I can
improve on for myself and the people who read this guide by posting constructively and not trolling. If you convince me of your point, I'll applaud you for whatever revelation you've brought to my attention and revise my guide with all due haste."


Good guide, but wtf is this? I mean, it's a terribly written quote, but more to the point, who cares?

Couldn't you just say, "Please comment, I'll listen and revise accordingly. Thanks."
I think he was mostly scared of me finding the thread, but since I helped edit it pre-posting I have nothing but praise for it :D

It's true, Im afraid. Sorry to share this if it's embarrassing, Nova, but too bad. You apparently scare him quite a bit, Ice. He just doesnt seem to believe me that you're not terrifying :p

Sorry sugar, but you're just not scary! <333

Aww <3 Not sure if that's a good thing or not :p

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