Alliance (human) racial to blame?

This is a serious question, not a the alliance human racial the reason that horde are now losing almost all their games?

It's like 10-15 losses sometimes for me before a win...I just don't get it. Did all the competent players go alli for the free trinket?
09/30/2012 01:04 PMPosted by Shadololz

rofl and a HUMAN funny.
human racial isn't op

pve trinkets are
Human racial = extra 9% damage after resilience mitigation.
80% of the gladiator population is playing alliance.
With the majority of the pvpers transferring to alliance to play human for rating. With the serious pvp base on alliance side of course the alliance are going to be owning bgs.

The only way to revers this and for blizzard to make more money on faction transfers it to nerf the racial back to 3 minutes (like in wrath), then buff the crap out of a horde racial. Then the skill would start returning to horde side...


I am seriously looking to faction transfer just for the alliance easy mode. Even if you are a so so player the extra damage or healing covers up lack of skill.

You obviously paid all those people to faction change to Horde! Shame on you! >:O
next season should be different if pvp power becomes a mandatory stat on trinkets... we will have to wait and see.
One guild makes up all alliance pvp? go check youtube for your personalities.

I am aware of 2 pvp guilds going horde. But i am not sure if Touch of the Grave is the game changer.

As for pvp resilience and trinkets that remains to be seen.

On thing is certain I lose way more battlegrounds then I win. It is to the point that i cannot just queue up. I need to go in with a premade to have a chance.
Ahh.. Twitterpoke,, what a nice troll you are, too afraid to show your character I see.

Until you grow some balls you are not worth anything to me. So you judge someones worth on their pvp achievements. How small of you.

@ Amathyqt I will check up on that.
yes, BUT mostly a

09/30/2012 01:04 PMPosted by Shadololz

The fact of the matter is that Alliance win 75% of the BG's.

This can be backed up by examining the PvP ladders which show that the top 100 teams in all brackets are 75% alliance.

Mostly anyone can do their own win/lose ratio using their achievement/stastics/PvP/BG won divided by BG played.

The OP is right in suggesting Alliance out win Horde, as well as comment that all the good players went to the Alliance.

Alliance win 75% of BG's because they are better. Horde is terrible.
09/30/2012 04:07 PMPosted by Twitterpoke
too afraid to show your character I see.

Until you grow some balls you are not worth anything to me
you're awful.

quite trash

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