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Moar Dots-Onyxian Whelpling
Most of my names are either in-jokes, that I know perfectly well what they mean but others have no idea why I named it that (I'm a fan of that kind of thing lol,) or else they're just something fun or silly that has to do with the pets' species or description or some such.
All of my snake pets I gave names based on their real world equivalent... "Kingsnake" is Lampropeltis, "Crimson Kingsnake" is Elapsoides, ect. The rest are really silly and mostly completely illogical. My "Cockroach" is Shaftbug, my "Nuts" is Bolts, my "Dark Phoenix Hatchling" is New Moon, the "Phoenix Hatchling" is Flameborn, "Azure Whelpling" is Cyan, "Crimson Whelping" is Braze. I could go on forever because I have almost 250 different pets and I named every. single. one.
Personally, I name my pets after guildies and friends for one reason or another. Usually it isn't complementary =)
Phoenix Hatchling - Moltress

Lil'Willy - Cacodemon

Lil'Ragnaros - Billy Burnanator

Feline Familiar - Salome

Lucky Quilen Cub - Won Qu

Onyxian Whelpling - Tiamat

Clockwork Gnome - TickTock

Personal World Destroyer - Robo McPunch

Not all my pets, just the named ones.
Speedy - Gamera
molten hatchling=spinferno
fel flame=incindius
BBB=vanilla ice
festering maggot=skeetskeetskeet (it looks like a !@#$%!!! I was going to name it ^-*!@y but was censored)
clockwork gnome=jizmotron
phoenix hatchling=moltres
shimmering wyrmling=dratini
huge sewer rat=rattata
restless shadeling=darkrai
silky moth=silky johnston (dave chappelle reference)
cheetah cub=lightning
fossolized hatchling=bones
snow cub=frosty
strand crawler=krabby
There is only one pet/pet name relevant to this expansion, his legend will continue.

Pandaren Monk - Luce Bree
I named my Grell Zepkol in memory to my warlocks first imp...

RP wise my lock burned it alive with fell flame then destroyed his power, reducing him to the state he is in now, because it WAS in his contract.
For my whelps, I went through and named them after notable female dragons;

Obsidia - Spawn of Onyxia
Lirastrasza - Crimson Whelp
Hallegosa - Azure Whelpling
Verdisa - Emerald Whelpling

Random names for others;
Zippy - Disgusting Oozling
Shadow - Panther Cub
I know ppl are too lazy to click on your avatar and browse your pets and stuff through the armory.

Phoenix hatchling names I just thought of: Sparky, Candle, Bonfire, Ashes is a good one I saw from a poster above. How about JustRezed, Matches, Kindlin, Charcy, Blaze
My Beaver is called Beaver Innuendo

Pandaran Monk is Jimmy (JIMMY NOOOO!)

Chicken is FOOD


Minfernal is Supremus >:3
I named all of my pets that aren't from pet battles XD
Just gonna show the names of my favorites:

Fossilized Hatchling - Skullgreymon
Pterrordax Hatchling - Aerodactyl
Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling - Imperialdramon
Personal World Destroyer - Highandromon
Clockwork Gnome - Puntable Robot Z
Lashtail Hatchling - Wargreymon
Sea Pony - Poseidus Jr
Singing Sunflower - Zombie Killer
Tiny Sporebat - Awkward Moment
Voodoo Figurine - Sepikmon
Winterspring Cub - Garurumon
Chuck - Chuck Nourish
King is profane guiz watch out,

not to mention half the names I tried are "reserved." ..really?
Celestial Dragon = Calypso
Magical Crawdad = Krabby
Disgusting Oozeling = Muk
geodes rocky,
gnomes sparky,
dragons drake, draco or malfoy.
I'm going to name all the pets :3. Maybe by the end of expansion they'll all be 25, and I can be wowke'mon master?

I refuse to shell out for the rare expensive TCG ones though. yurk. $10 a pet I find fine, I'm not bad financially, 150? madness.
Pandaren Monk=Chen Stormstout
Pandaren Monk=Jack Black

Fixed to credit actual source.
Siamese cat - Tinkerbelle

Hopling - Hopling Sbrewery

Rattlesnake - Chuck Noris

Core Hound - Devil Dog (husband is a formal Marine *smiles*)

Pandaren Monk - Orange Chicken

Lucky Quilen Cub - Sweet Bones

Jade Crane Chick - Annjade

Ghostly Skull - Casper

Chicken - Rare Extracrispy

Strand Crab (2) - Crab Cakes & Crabbie

Forest Spiderling - Jelly Bean

Mechanical Squirrel - Nutz

Rat Snake - Harry Potty Rare

Fawn - Rare Bambi

Lizard Hatchling - Krall

Little Black Ram - Pissed Me Off

Rabbit - Thunder Stomper

Widow Spiderling - Luv Bite

Gilnean Raven - Nevermore (Love reading Edgar Allen Poe books when I was in Junior High.)

Brilliant Kaliri - Briteyes Kaliri

Black Lamb - Smokey Baa

Feline Familiar - Spooks

Armadillo Pup - Lone Star (I love Mel Brooks Spaceballs. *smiles*)

Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm - Too Drunk

Westfall Chicken - KFC

Sinister Squashling - Pumpkin Pie

Worg Pup - Warren Wolfson (Love the book & TV miniseries 10th Kingdom...*smiles*)

Winter's Little Helper - Elf Cutiepie

Alliance Balloon - Popcorn

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