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Pet Battles
Hello there!
I literally fell in love with pet battle training as an ex Pokèmon junkie.

I'm currently building up a team and I need your help. I want it to be the strongest out there.
Feel free to check out my pets.

Please tell me which of my pets I should use (willing to train them from 1),
Which pets should I put my hands on and how,
And, tell me if you got an easy and/or fast way to train them.

Thanks in advance!
Well, I think there's not an specific answer to that. As a trainer, I'v already reached lvl 25 with some pets, and get some great achievments, and still not finding the "perfect" team. As well, there's some great differences between pets. The passive it's the first one of it, and the attacks that every pet can learn are the other big one. I personally prefer to have pets that can heal into battle because the sustain is vital in-fight and between them, taking note of the 8-mins cooldown. As a starter, get some pets that have Beast, Mechanical and Flying type attacks, because that's Critters, Aquatic and Beast types are the ones that you'll be finding more frequent in the starter roads.
Unfortunately I can't see your pet collection in your profile, (it tells me you have no pets). There isn't really a perfect team, though, and a lot of it is trial-and-error. Some people believe that certain pets are more powerful than others, (or even overpowered), but I wouldn't base decisions off of what is most-powerful at any given time, as they are still adjusting balance issues and etc.

As Grenouille mentioned, having a pet that can heal can be very effective. I leveled a Disgusting Oozeling from level 1 to 25, and I find it's Absorb ability, when combined with Corrosion, to work very well against all types of pets, with the exception of dragons.

Using a pet that is strong against Beasts and Critters can be useful initially, and can aid in training your less-effective pets. As an ex-Pokemon junkie, you should be happy to hear that training can be very similar. You can place a weaker pet in the lead, have him participate in at least one battle, and then switch him out for a stronger pet to finish the fight.

Another good method is to finish the majority of a fight using a strong pet, allow him to be killed, and then finish off the battle with a weaker pet. The weak pet will gain a great deal of exp and level very quickly.

Initially I would recommend that you simply follow the battle pet quest chain. Fighting the pet battle Masters will gain you a great deal of exp for your pets, and lead you into areas of appropriate training level.
Level pets that are 'rare' quality. Certain non-wild pets are rare quality, I think there's a list elsewhere on server. Otherwise you can capture wild pets until you find a rare pet.

I would suggest leveling a pet of each family so you have a counter for trainer fights and the like and for achievements.

Pets with healing capabilities are very useful in PVP I find. Current favorite pet is my lvl 18 festering maggot 'Maggie'. Has an ability which drains life, a dot which increases dmg done by 25% and an attack that increases speed next turn. All 3 attacks do different types of dmg so there's a good chance one will do strong dmg.
09/30/2012 09:13 PMPosted by Pixie
Level pets that are 'rare' quality. Certain non-wild pets are rare quality, I think there's a list elsewhere on server. Otherwise you can capture wild pets until you find a rare pet.

Here's a link to the list of rare non-battle pets:
That's right, you can't really get the perfect team.

I currently have a few 17's, but they are mostly wild (Uncommon) ones.
The good ones I have I can recall are:
Winterspring Cub
Nether Ray Fry

And a few more I can't really remember.

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