Sha of Anger - Seraphs griefing

So apparently the guild Seraph likes to grief people if they don't get the Sha of Anger boss by bugging and resetting it, what is with this?
It's been interesting to watch, nonetheless.
the two groups are still going at it
Its safe to say it wasn't just a single person (or guild) resetting the Sha, after two and a half hours and cycling through 100+ people, I'm pretty sure everyone with a taunt was attempting to bug him out. The unfortunate thing is, this was at like 4am server time, in the first week of this expansion. Mal'ganis is going to have a hell of a time with these world bosses in the future if nothing is changed. Sure you can CRZ to a low pop server, but that's a pain when these bosses should really be in a raid instance. At least make world bosses immune to taunt or something. Was fun nevertheless.
Dyoar.. qq more ?

Get over it.

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