Golden Lotus rep quest chain broken?

I can't start it. I talk to Xari the Kind and she says "speak to Zhi the Harmonious or Leven Dawnblade at the Golden Pagoda" -- but they don't say anything useful when I talk to them, and they don't offer quests to start gaining Golden Lotus rep.

Am I doing something wrong or this is bugged?
im stuck here as well ... seems only faction dailies i can do are the bug ones .. i cant even figure out how to unlock the ones in EV
Never mind -- figured it out. You need to finish the "Temple of the White Tiger" quest in Kun-Lai to open these up. Once I did that everything showed up.
did all those .. or think i did .. even done the ring event quest for weapon .. ((
I think i could help i was in the same situation and the first quest u do that u have to go talk to the 4 people well i forgot to talk to the the inn keeper so i when back and did it once u click on her ask (what can i find in this place) and then go to the golden pagoda u should have the follow up quest
must get the ability to fly in pandera first - or quests will not show
Ok i just unlocked the dailies. you have to do 2 quests at Ruins of Guo-Lai. once you head to the Guo-Lai Halls where the 2 quests tell you to go you will pick up another quest automatically askin you to slay some1 in the halls. after that u turn in the 3 quest and you will unlock like 4 dailies. ENJOY :P
I Have already done these quests and they HAVE NOT unlocked the dailies... There seems to be a problem with this chain and Im getting pretty frustrated with it. Opened a ticket, hopefully it gets resolved.
Ditto, I'm stuck, put in a ticket, waiting for reply. Seems this should have been a lot smoother and with as many people who have brought it to the attention of the game why isn't it? I see no one in Gua Lai or whatever so can't even ask? We'll seeif I get a descent answer from the GM.

10/07/2012 07:43 AMPosted by Thylr
must get the ability to fly in pandera first - or quests will not show

ty thylr.. after completing this chain twice.. and having it bug on me twice due to phasing, i was well aware of the white tiger chain etc and what i thought was all the ins and out of the chain.. but when i attempted to start it on my dk without bothering to train my flying (was bumming a ride off a guildie), i was stumped..

flying fixed the issue in this particular case, such an easy solution i had to giggle..

however, having been stuck for 2 and 4 days on two separate toons due to 2 different phasing issues previously, i can understand how frustrating these ongoing bugs are.. it is a shame that such an integral quest line to 3 different interrelated reps continues to be problematic.. whilst i did not play the beta, i have been led to believe these problems were apparent even then

either way, its unfortunate
having the same problem i could not agree more why has blizzard made it so hard to open the ability to start doing dailies here!!
My ticket reply was "Thanks for contacting us. This is a known issue that our developers are currently working to resolve in a timely manner. Your patience is greatly appreciated through this."

It is a real bug that you cannot start on this rep (and so the ones locked behind it) sometimes.
I suggest you check at Mistfall village and or the Ruins of Guo-Lai in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms there maybe quests there for you. I was able to pick up the quest chain again leading back to the Golden Pagoda.

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