Pet collection and a few other things

Could we get a yellow text on-hover for pets to tell us how many of that ID we have already?

Onyxian Whelping
You own: 1 of this pet

and speaking of the Onyxian Whelping, could we get a world-acquired equivalent to it? It doesnt even have to look the same at all, but the stats and spells should be the same. If we aren't wanting a perfectly fair thats fine but it appears that the onyxian whelping is mildly OP.

My achievement points represented in my guild roster in-game are not being updated and haven't been since the first 5.x.x patch.

I know there are some other random bugs or quirks that I dont understand and I figure I will post them all later.

Overall MoP is probably the most well done and best prepared expansion to date. Which is pretty crazy since you there was not even close to the same amount of prep time.
thanks :D

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