[BUG] Behind Our Lines Daily [Temp Solution]

Bug Report
What I suspect is happening is that due to phasing, once you kill General Temuja, the quest giver/completer (Leven Dawnblade) actually disappears and will not return for the remainder of the day.
Even if you drop the quest, the quest giver will not respawn (usually).

I looked all over the place for solutions, even GM's on EU didn't have an answer for this. Through some trial and error, here is how you complete this quest for your rep/rewards with Golden Lotus.

[I'd like to be able to post this for the EU players, but can't post on the eu.battle.net site as I don't have characters there at the moment]

>>> Please read the following two options for how to complete your quest <<<
1. Add someone via BattleTag from another server, and have them invite you to group.
If that daily is not active for them that day, the NPC will be there and you can turn it in due to phasing into their realm.

2. If you dropped your quest, don't panic. Do the same as Step 1.
Get a party invite to someone on another realm who doesn't have "Behind Our Lines" active for the day.
You will phase into their realm, and oddly enough the NPC will give you the quest for your daily. Once you pick it up though, General Tamuja will NOT spawn on their realm. You'll have to leave group, phase back into your realm. Kill him, and rejoin your friends realm to turn in the quest.
Just happened to me as well, please fix!

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