What is the future of pet battles?

Pet Battles
So I think pet battles are the greatest addition to wow since the release of battlegrounds or arenas. I see it as a fundamental gameplay changer and think blizzard has really done an awesome job (though there is much room for improvement).

I am worried though that this might be the end of the line for it, a niche little mini-game that quickly gets left behind once raiding kicks off and the regular wow cycle repeats.

Does anyone know how popular this system is? and by extension if there is enough player interest to warrant expanding and polishing it off some more (akin to releasing a new raid tier)?

If anyone can link me some blue comments on the subject I would be most grateful.

What does everyone else think? Should this be just a forgotten little nugget of gameplay or is there some longevity in it that demands more dev time?
This shi- is going to get pretty big.
10/01/2012 04:08 PMPosted by Hearus
This shi- is going to get pretty big.

I hope so but the only way I see that happening is if enough people actually engage in it to the exclusion of other activities. Which is why I was curious about its popularity.

I really hope they expand the questing (and fix the bugged out guy in shadowmoon valley) to allow for a smoother pet progression, add meaningful pet dailes/tournaments.

I had an idea about battle-pets providing a bonus while summoned too, some thing like magic find, gold or xp bonus. They could really integrate flesh this out be a new "end game".
Here is what will happen.

The entire project will be scrapped and abondoned, due to lack of interest from the hardcore elitists who would rather play World of Warcraft than Pokemon.

Yeah judging by the interest of this I suspect you are right
10/01/2012 05:11 PMPosted by Therealgor
This shi- is going to get pretty big.

I hope so but the only way I see that happening is if enough people actually engage in it to the exclusion of other activities.

Look at it this way: Pet collecting was popular enough that this entire system was created for it. All this will do is bring more people in to it. Once they get all the bugs out of it, maybe after some balancing, they'll add to it.
10/01/2012 10:52 PMPosted by Hrodberht
Excpet they're not going to fix the bugs, and there will never be balance.

I didn't say be balanced, just do some balancing.

An example of both was the recent hotfix the Mechagnome turret ability.

Seriously, try and have some patience. The expac hasn't been out for a month yet. Wait until we'r deep into the expac before claiming the sky is falling.

EDIT: Case in point, here's a blue post with the big list of bug fixes and balance changes.

And you seem to be set with the mindset that if it's not fixed NOW it never will be. Get some patience.
10/02/2012 05:01 AMPosted by Milkros
And you seem to be set with the mindset that if it's not fixed NOW it never will be. Get some patience.

We have had experince of blizzard before ... their rep is in shatters at the moment

with all these trivial "bugs" that 10 secs of QA should have caught and would take a very short time to fix .. but never seem to..
Am I getting through to you at all? The entire system is broken. In that it does not function correctly.

I wouldn't say the system is broken. They're are apparently some bugs (haven't really noticed many myself), but the actual mechanics of the mini-game seem to work fairly well. Only real issue I've noticed is that I sometimes lag a lot at start of random pvp battle and end up missing a few turns (I just forfeit at that point). Also, too rewarding to game the PVP system with high+low level pet. Personally would like to see a little more exp gained from the later wild pet fights.

Store bought/promo pets are not OP imo (I have 0 bought pets, no CE pets btw); rare quality wild pets and rare quality companion pets are just as good I find. I've tried out a few pets and I've never felt out that I was missing out anything. With some many pets there is bound to be some that are better and some that aren't as good but it also gives you a huge ability to experiment with different skills and styles.
I think both sides of the agrument are right, I have been having allot of fun with the system so it does have allot of potential.

however without bug fixes it definitely wont have longevity in it. I am hoping because the coding of the system (should be) relatively simple that they prioritize it above raiding and pvp and some of the more complex systems but the only way that happens is if the playerbase (in majority focuses on the playstyle).

Long story short I think the adoption and interest in the system will dictate how quickly we see fixes and enchancements
So much negativity from ones so young.

The only minor issue I've encountered is RNG on master pet trainers, but then I learn to play and it all worked out fine in the end. (5+ attempts).
I dislike your spewing of this antigame vitriol, but I and my Willy will gladly defend your right to spew it!
We should be able to battle pet tamers as many times as we want, quest or no quest. Grinding random pets out in the field for a pittance of XP is awful. It feels stunted and doesn't give enough reward to make it entertaining.

My suggestion to fix this glaring flaw in the game is to give us back the ability to challenge all pet tamers as many times as we want. The XP gain from beating another tamer feels like exactly the amount we should be receiving from all battles, and still has challenge and fun to it.
Everything has worked absolutely fine for me. Some pets are super strong, but I haven't come across anything that I can't beat yet.
I care more about the game randomly skipping my turn 9 times in a row for some unknown reason than some overpowered abilities. Because no matter how overpowered my pet is or isn't, if I don't get a turn, I can't use it.
i think Battle Pets will be a very popular aspect of the game... and i hope they add more pets and abilities in the future...

the elitist hardcore players can do their own thing... if Battle Pets were going away because of them then so would all the professions...

and those who think the people with the 'better' pets will win... first, that applies more to battlegrounds and elitist upper crowd... where your equipment is what separates the men from the boys...

but Battle Pets is different... if it was designed correctly (and i have seen some diagrams to suggest it HAS!)... there is NO BEST BATTLE PET TEAM!... given any team, there is a team that will beat it...

this is why there is no best team... consider a case where..

Team B beats Team A
Team C beats Team B

it is NOT necessarily the case that: Team C beats Team A

and in fact, it might be the case that: Team A beats Team C

there is a game that everybody is familiar with that uses the most simplistic aspect of such a game mechanism: Rock, Scissors, Paper... Battle Pets is the principle of Rock, Paper, Scissor with many, many, many more degrees of more depth...

this is NOT a game of ABSOLUTE strength (which is what combat in WoW is all about, along with speed)... it is a game of strategy, puzzle solving, and RELATIVE strength...

WoW up to now has basically rewarded hand-eye coordination and diligence... Battle Pets is more intellectual and strategic...

they compliment each other...

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