[A] Sargeras - <Sunder> 10m 4/6 LF enh/hunter

Guild Recruitment
Guild: Sunder
Server: Sargeras - PvP
Faction: Alliance
Raid Size: 10
Raid Days: Tuesday and Thursday
Raid times: 7pm-10:30pm Server

Loot Rules: Robo-Council, also known as Mr. Robot Loot Council. This utilizes an online re-forging algorithm that assigns certain stat weights based on spec and theory crafting. As a loot council, we use our digression so we don’t let one player fall too far behind.

Current Progress:
4/6 first week
Starting progression on Elegon this week.

Recruiting Currently:
1. Enhancement Shaman or Any Spec Hunter!
2. All other Exceptional Players please contact me as well.

Our group is a collection of real life friends who have been raiding and playing games since the release of WoW. We all have an assortment of experience including nearly all the heroic fights. We are heavily focused on quick and efficient progression through Mist of Pandaria’s content. Our goal is for <Sunder> to be a fun and relaxed environment while maintaining a strict raiding core to ensure issues such as drama and attendance are prevented. We expect to utilize every minute of our three hour raiding window, so arriving to raid on time with add-ons, food and flasks is required.

If you are interested, please contact me in game, email or RealID.
I can verify this group's experience and drive to be great in this expansion!
This is Lollipopkins and I approve of this message.
My team needs to learn to bump
Boomkin here whats up!
#1 Monk tank US east maybe
Gangnam Style.

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