Tailoring in MoP - Please Help!

I was wondering how you guys find tailoring so far... im stuck with two options.
1) Pay 2000g to level from 420-500 (Only have 6kg right now)
2) Drop it and level engineering or something else to make money.
What are you guys opinions, is it worth it level up? Or should I invest in something else.
I'm planning on mainly pvp with a bit of pve.
Tailoring's easy to farm the cloth for, if you have the time. Engineering's really fun, but unless you farm ore or the AH on your server has really low prices, it's going to be a LOT more expensive. In my experience, if your aim is to make gold, most people want tailoring gear and transmog gear. For engineering, people like scopes and occasionally guns, but not as frequently as cloth armor/transmog gear. If you're looking at selling engi mounts or top tailoring gear, my guess is that you'll profit well from either, but both will need lots of spirits of harmony.

JC will be profitable with mounts/pets to sell, and once people start raiding, gems will sell better. It's actually very easy to level JC for the most part, with just a few annoying spots. Socketing your own gear is a really nice perk too.

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